It's Not TV, It's The Scene

Portland Playhouse Brings the Pain with The Scene


Mr. Beaton I'm glad you enjoyed this production. However I don't understand why you qualified "best . . . performances" with "local". It implies that Portland performances (including this exceptional one) are across-the-board inferior to out-of-town shows. Frank Beaton the man is welcome to this position; however Frank Beaton the critic has a responsibility to inform the reader what local performers are missing in comparison to (apparently) any touring act or out-of-city show anywhere.

Perhaps it was necessary because all your review's references were nationally-distributed television/movies? Adjust your criticism rather than qualify your praise. Your repeated references don't develop your thought; their empty repetition supplants useful information about the show. Great criticism connects ideas. You do this once; keep going. You have so few words to change theater in Portland.