Shakespeare in the South

Quick Reviews from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival


I was just in Ashland, actually, and saw Caesar, Love's Labour's [sic] Lost, and Measure for Measure. I tend to agree with your review of Caesar. In general, it felt like the performers were somewhat distracted, and I suspected it was because Pirates was taking their attention, but what do I know. Not musical theater, that's for sure.

Anyway, I wasn't a huge fan of LLL, partially I don't like the play as much, and I didn't care for the themes they chose to emphasize--I see it more about the limits of formal education and the need to be broad-minded, than about "coming of age".

But both it and Measure for Measure were full of the energy and inventiveness that makes OSF productions American and special. I really enjoyed Measure for Measure, and would strongly recommend it. Although the physical sets were underwhelming the innovations and performances were just great. But then again, I felt the harder themes of the play got somewhat submerged in the energy. Of course, Shakespeare is very hard to do right, yet almost always worth the time and the ticket.

PS: Do not eat at "Grilla Bites" on the main drag. They'll fuck up your order, which would suck anyway, and don't give refunds. However, the asian crepe place near Market of Choice is cheap and good, if you don't mind dining near teenagers. Cafe Nomyen.