Tribbles and Poetry in the Park

Outdoor Entertainment for the Discriminating Nerd


Don't dare knock tribbles. I made fun of the guy who wrote that episode and it sparked a multi-day flame war across several social media sites. It's probably still going on but I've stopped checking in.
The Future Tense reading was great! Simmons started by reading a short piece of Kirk/Spock slash-fic so this is even more synergistic a post.

In the slash-fic there was a problem with the transporter, and Kirk and Spock were beamed down "as a patchwork of each other's body parts" and then felt the ecstasy "as they touch each other with each other's fingers." Here's a link to the story:…

As he started laughing at his own fan-fic (or possibly at the fact of reading it out loud in a public park), someone ribbed him with a shout of "You wrote this!" Simmons giggled and said, "I know I did. Good for me."