Reggie Watts
I don’t know how to describe what it is that Reggie Watts does, other than to maybe say he effortlessly yanks together utterly disparate threads—singing, rapping, beatboxing, turntable knob-spinning and button-punching, comedy that veers from improv to sketch to standup—and braids them together into something completely new and different and captivating and hilarious and moving. You will nod your head and laugh and tap your foot and have to be reminded to close your mouth, and you will applaud heartily, and the next time you hear of a Reggie Watts performance, you will cancel your plans, whatever they are, and figure out how you can possibly attend. ERIK HENRIKSEN
Apr 8, 8 pm, Revolution Hall, $35, all ages

Nerd Music and Comedy Night
Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: A night full of quality music, stand-up, and even some storytelling, made for—and by—self-described nerds.
Apr 2, 7 pm, Siren Theater, $10-20

Bassem Youssef
Writer/physician/comedian/producer Bassem Youssef was dubbed the “Jon Stewart of Egypt.” Inspired by The Daily Show, Youssef’s Al- Bernameg became the first political satire TV show in the Middle East. The show—which offered a sarcastic take on current political events—was insanely popular. In 2013, TIME magazine named Youssef as one of the 100 most influential people on the planet. That same year the show was cancelled for being too controversial, but he did receive the International Press Freedom Award from the Committee to Protect Journalists. As a woke professional who’s lived under an actual dictator, Youssef’s “The Joke is Mightier Than the Sword,” presentation is something we could all benefit from right now. After his presentation he’ll take questions from the audience. In case you can’t get in, you can always read his brand-new book, Revolution for Dummies. JENNI MOORE
Apr 3, 7:30 pm, Newmark Theatre, $40-50, all ages

Live Wire! Radio
The latest installment of Portland's own nationally-syndicated variety show features appearances by Community and Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon and actress and comedian Lauren Weedman.
Apr 6, 7:30 pm, Alberta Rose Theatre, $15-35

Aries Spears
Helium presents a full-weekend of stand-up from a comedian and actor known for his character work and his trove of spot-on celebratory impressions that helped make him one of the biggest stars on Fox's sketch comedy series MADtv.
Apr 6-9, Thurs 8 pm, Fri-Sat 7:30 pm-10 pm, Sun 7:30 pm, Helium Comedy Club, $16-25

Wham City Comedy, Christine Ferrera
You might be familiar with the comedy branch of Baltimore's renowned arts collective Wham City from their Adult Swim infomercial series, which includes viral segments like "Unedited Footage of a Bear," "Live Forever As You Are Now," "Commencement Speech," and "This House Has People In It." Tonight the crew bring their twisted and unique sense of humor to the Siren stage for a live showcase featuring support from fellow Baltimore-based performance artist, Christine Ferrera.
Apr 7, 8 pm, Siren Theater, $10-20

Peaches Christ's Legally Black
San Francisco-based drag performer, emcee, and actor Peaches Christ presents a new parody of the 2001 Reese Witherspoon movie, Legally Blonde, starring RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 winner, Bob the Drag Queen, and featuring a cast comprised of Seattle's most talented queens.
Apr 8, 7 pm, Aladdin Theater, $25-80

Revolution Comedy
Every second and fourth Wednesday, local stand-up comic Andie Main hosts a benefit showcase designed to assist progressive causes through the power of comedy. The lineup changes from show to show, but big laughs for a great cause are always guaranteed. The April 10th show is a benefit for Planned Parenthood, with an opening music set from Brannon Rockwell-Charland before the stand-up sets by Curtis Cook, Marcus Coleman, Amanda Arnold, and Kirsten Kuppenbender.
Apr 10, 7 pm, Curious Comedy Theater, $12-15

Reading the Bible with Dan
Dan Webber and a slew of his funny friends bring his bible-reading podcast to life on the Helium stage.
Apr 11, 8 pm, Helium Comedy Club, $10

Kyle Kinane
It would not surprise me in the least to learn that comedian Kyle Kinane was a tough-talking sea captain in a past life. Marvel at his smart and salty tales of drunken shenanigans, falling down repeatedly, and making more than one bad life decision. He's an utterly hysterical bearded weirdo who'll make you snort beer out your nose. COURTNEY FERGUSON
Apr 13-15, Thurs 8 pm, Fri-Sat 7:30 pm & 10 pm, Helium Comedy Club, $20-25

J Names
A collection of all the improv talent in Portland that begins with the letter J. Amazingly, there's a ton of it. With special guest Shelley McLendon.
Apr 14, 7:30 pm, Siren Theater, $15-20

Tom Segura
A quick, cutting comedian, heard most often as a guest on The Bob and Tom Show and The Joe Rogan Experience, as well as his own podcast, Your Mom's House. Tonight Segura hits Revolution Hall to preform a pair of shows on the Portland stop on his "No Teeth No Entry" stand-up tour.
Apr 15, 8 pm, 10:30 pm, Revolution Hall, $29-50

The I, Anonymous Show
One of the funnest (and funniest!) comedy shows in town in undoubtedly The I, Anonymous Show, featuring rants and confessions written by YOU, anonymously, for the Mercury’s I, Anonymous column and blog. The conceit for the show is simple: Read the I, Anonymous submissions aloud, and laugh as a panel of Portland’s favorite mirth-makers engage in a hilarious, deep-dive discussion into the writer’s wicked words. And this month’s edition brings exciting news: Since former host Bri Pruett has left Portland to find her fame and fortune in LA, the I, Anonymous Show has a brand new host—the wondrously funny Caitlin Weierhauser (star of Lez Stand Up, her own XRAY.FM radio show, and a Harry Potter podcast[!!]). If you don’t know her, get ready to fall in love! don’t miss the April edition of the I, Anonymous Show, and find out what happens when rants stop being polite, and start getting real. WM . STEVEN HUMPHREY
Apr 17, 7 pm, The Secret Society, $10-15

Joe Rogan
The comedian, UFC commentator, NewsRadio star, and popular podcast host brings his drug-altered philosophy and hot takes to the Schnitz.
Apr 20, 7:30 pm, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, $35-60

John Heffron
A weekend of stand-up from a Last Comic Standing winner who also played radio sidekick to Danny Bonaduce on a Detroit morning show on Q95-5. Heffron also became a successful entrepreneur thanks to the success of his board game, That Guy! Game, which he co-created with his partner Joel Zimmer.
Apr 20-22, Thurs 8 pm, Fri-Sat 7:30 & 10 pm, Helium Comedy Club, $15-33

Cool Kids Brunch Show
This special brunch installment of comedian Andie Main's variety show at the Doug Fir Lounge features stand-up from Mercury "Undisputable Geniuses of Comedy" Mohanad Elshieky, Katie Nguyen, and Phil Schallberger, plus live music from Dreckig, the local psych-trip-hop duo comprised of Papi Fimbres and Shana Lindbeck.
Apr 23, 11 am, Doug Fir, $20

An Evening with Andrew Michaan
Andrew Michaan headlines this evening of quality stand-up, with support from friends Andrée Vermeulen, Paul Schlesinger, Katie Nguyen, and Marcus A. Coleman.
Apr 27, 9 pm, Bunk Bar, $5

Tom Green
The first thing you probably thought of was Freddy Got Fingered, right? And then maybe that weird MTV show he had. Or the time he recorded the removal of his testicle. So it stands to reason that you'll probably be surprised by something this guy does during his set.
Apr 27-29, Thurs 8pm, Fri-Sat 7:30pm & 10 pm, Helium Comedy Club, $20-25

Gabriel Iglesias
The not-fat-but-fluffy stand-up comic who often looks and acts less like a person and more like an animated cartoon character celebrates 20 years in comedy when his "FluffyMania Tour" rolls through the Moda Center.
Apr 28, 8 pm, Moda Center, $45-87

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