Do you know the history behind 4/20? No? That's okay, because it doesn't really matter, does it? In keeping with the laid-back nature of this grassroots (hah!) holiday, all you really gotta know is that 4/20 = cannabis celebration day, and ain't nothin' wrong with getting a little lit and then enjoying a nice night in the city, and it's a guarantee Portland, of all the cities, is going to have some things for you to do as you ride that high. Hit the links below and select your blend of entertainments carefully.

Lil Debbie
Lil Debbie, the Bay Area DJ-turned-rapper and former sidekick to Kreayshawn, is coming to town on every stoner’s favorite holiday. In 2015, she released an entire album dedicated to weed, and often raps about smoking and growing marijuana. I can’t think of anyone better to party with on 4/20. CLARE HOLLEY
8 pm, Bossanova Ballroom, $15-20

We Color Live
We Color brings their hair and music tour (like you never heard of a national hair and music tour before. Pssshhh) to the big tent outside the Jupiter, and invites local stars Jenny Don't and Laura Palmer's Death Parade to provide music for some food, some drink, some airbrusthing, and presumably, some hair getting did.
5 pm, Jupiter Hotel, free

Joe Rogan
The comedian, UFC commentator, NewsRadio star, and popular podcast host brings his drug-altered philosophy and hot takes to the Schnitz.
7:30 pm, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, $35-60

Celebrate 4/20
An all-day party at the High End Market Place, with baked goods (eh? get it? baked... oh. yeah, you get it, okay, good) provided by Bleu Door Bakery, an opportunity to meet growers from Heavenly Buds, deals on merchandise, and an acoustic performance from the Garcia Birthday Band as the evening rolls in.
9 am, High End Market Place

Lupe Fiasco
Over the years Chicago-based Lupe Fiasco has given us some catchy-ass hits with a powerful message. Call me corny but I really enjoy that “Old School Love” collab with Ed Sheeran, and 2011’s “Show Goes On” still feels relevant as ever. JENNI MOORE
8 pm, Roseland, $31.50-45

Bilal, Shy Girls, Laura Ivancie
A conservatory-trained wonder who embedded himself in his hometown jazz and hip-hop scene as a teen, there are few sounds that elude Bilal, but he leans toward the spectacular, the cool, the monstrous. JALYlAH BURRELL
8 pm, Revolution Hall, $20, all ages

T2 Trainspotting
What T2 does well, it does astonishingly well. More than a few scenes are hysterically funny, and more than a few escapades are white-knuckled fun. But what sticks with me are the things I never thought I’d get out of a Trainspotting movie—the smart, emotional things it has to say about friendship and the passage of time. NED LANNAMANN
Various Theaters, see Movie Times for showtimes and locations

Stumpfest VI, NIght 1: Danava, Mammatus, White Manna, Acid Wash, Maximum Mad
For those who like their music on the hard-as-fuck side, Stumpfest returns with a weekend tailored to the strong of heart. Hit it hard and hit it often. MARJORIE SKINNER
8:30 pm, Mississippi Studios, $20-25

RJD2, Tortoise, 1939 Ensemble
Soul'd Out Festival presents a co-headlined bill with renowned hip-hop, acid jazz, and electronica producer Ramble Jon Krohn, aka RJD2, and the long-running Chicago-based post-rock ensemble Tortoise.
9 pm, Crystal Ballroom, $27.50

Amenta Abioto, Soul Ipsum, Grapefruit, Hollow Gem
An evening of tainted loops and burbling melodies from the experimental minds behind Soul Ipsum.
9 pm, The Fixin' To, $5

NVS Glasswork's Fur-20 Sale
A store-wide sale in celebration of 4/20, with a portion of all proceeds going to benefit animal shelters. The event will also include in-store silent auctions and free doggie bags for customers and their pets courtesy of Western Pet Supply.
10 am, NVW Glassworks

Do You Feel What You Touch
New York-based Amanda Jasnowski Pascual presents her latest exhibition, featuring moving images exploring sensory experiences.
7 pm, Popular Kids Gallery, free

Black Swan Classic Jazz Band
Marilyn Keller lends her voice to the Black Swan Classic Jazz Band's tribute to the long, storied history of Jazz, with a show celebrating the 100th anniversary of the genre's first recording.
7:30 pm, Mission Theater, $25-30

4/20 Pizza Party: Sappho, Casual Aztec, Huff 'n' Stuf, Gua Gua
A cannablissed celebration of the smokey holiday, with music provided by a trio of Portland's best DJs, as well as special guest Gua Gua.
8 pm, Mississippi Pizza Pub & Atlantis Lounge, $3

Be Here to Love Me: A Film About Townes Van Zandt
A beautifully complex portrait of Townes Van Zandt, who wrote some of the most heartbreak-y flower child/alt-cowboy songs ever recorded. Van Zandt expedited his self-destruction with an addiction to bottles and needles, but Be Here to Love Me paints a three-dimensional profile of the artist, digging not only into his songs, but into his late-adolescent shock treatments, his needlessly run-down life, and his wonderfully metaphoric mind. Includes tons of rare performances, as well as interviews with ex-wives, family members, and musicians such as Guy Clark, Joe Ely, and Willie Nelson. CHAS BOWIE
7:30 pm, Hollywood Theatre, $9

The Gateway Show
A very special 4/20 installment of the show that begins as a standard-issue stand-up showcase, with Aaron Woodall, Wendy Weiss, Marcus Coleman, and Rick Taylor all doing their regular sets. And then... they get ripped out of their fucking gourds before going back onstage to perform another set completely baked. Hosted by Erin Ingle.
8 pm, Funhouse Lounge, $12

Four2OH: Nick B, Drae Slapz, Yo-X!, Androck, Rayvon, OneLive, Chovie, The Kings
Celebrate one of Oregon's favorite holidays with a quality line-up of the Northwest's best hip-hop artists.
9 pm, Kelly's Olympian, $7

420/24/7: A Weed Cabaret
What better way to celebrate the "holiday" than to hit Dante's and watch as some of the region's best drag and burlesque performers pay tribute to the devil weed itself?
9:30 pm, Dante's, $10-100

John Heffron
A night of stand-up from a Last Comic Standing winner who also played radio sidekick to Danny Bonaduce on a Detroit morning show on Q95-5. Heffron also became a successful entrepreneur thanks to the success of his board game, That Guy! Game, which he co-created with his partner Joel Zimmer.
8 pm, Helium Comedy Club, $15-33

Portland Pizza Week
You know Pizza Week is still going on, right? And you know we've teamed up with dozens of pizza shops across the city to offer specialty slices for $2 each, right? So basically, if ever you needed an excuse to go on a pizza crawl, today is a good one, right? Right.
Various Locations, check our Pizza Week calendar for locations & slices

Hobosexual, Maurice, The Stiff Sisters, Manx
The Seattle duo composed of singer/guitarist Ben Harwood and drummer Jeff Silva bring their bluesy blend of rock and metal down the I-5 for a headlining show in the Liquor Store basement.
9 pm, The Liquor Store, $7

Karaoke From Hell
The live, legendary Portland karaoke band, 20+ years and still going.
9 pm, Twilight Cafe & Bar, $5

Shura, Women's Beat League DJs
The up-and-coming singer/songwriter and producer out of Manchester, England brings her pop and R&B sound across the pond for a headlining show at Holocene as part of the 2017 Soul'd Out Music Festival.
9 pm, Holocene, $20

Bass Cube 420
Bass Cube presents a special two-floor 4/20 show, featuring sets by Dubloadz, HAL-V & SpaceCase, and Krust Funds in the main room, and Deekline, Keith MacKenzie, DJ Wiggles, and Clokwork upstairs.
10 pm, 45 East, $4.20-14.20