Mic Capes, Drae Slapz, Rasheed Jamal, Fountaine, Karma Rivera, Romeo Akil
In support of Capes and producer Drae Slapz’ late-summer release Sheesh, behold Capes’ first headliner show at the Roseland. Expect all the regular “slapz” like “Five Finger Discount,” and “No More,” and also newer cuts off the EP like “Well Known,” and “Passion Froot.” And of course, Capes has tagged a slew of local talent to back-up the bill, including Rasheed Jamal, Fountaine, Karma Rivera, and a young R&B singer by the name of Romeo Akil. JENNI MOORE
Nov 3, 8 pm, Peter's Room at the Roseland, $10, all ages

Fleetmac Wood: Sisters of the Moon Disco
There’s a single-minded beauty to the Fleetmac Wood shtick. The LA-based DJ collective deals in Fleetwood Mac and only Fleetwood Mac, looping wispy little snatches of Stevie Nicks’ vocals to a beat, setting a pounding bass line behind some forgotten corner of Rumours. It’s far more danceable than it sounds. Bring a pan flute for the hell of it. DIRK VANDERHART
Nov 4, 10 pm, Holocene, $10

Pancakes & Booze
Another year, another emerging artist showcase that entices audiences with the promise of free pancakes and alcohol while you peruse the new works on display.
Nov 3, 7 pm, Hawthorne Theatre, $10

Danava, Mean Jeans, Virgil, Warpfire
Four excellent purveyors of metal, punk, and psych rock pack out the Tonic Lounge in support of Jake Cheeto, who is battling Stage 3B Melanoma, and is currently in need of some financial assistance due to the costly treatment.
Nov 4, 8 pm, Tonic Lounge, $10

Ann Magnuson & The Bongwater Songbook, Stephen Malkmus
For about seven years in the late ’80s and early ’90s, Bongwater was the premiere underground act in New York’s art rock scene. Led by classic rock enthusiast/guitarist Mark Kramer and actor/vocalist Ann Magnuson, the group released a handful of albums that bent psychedelia to their will and built sonic collages around spoken word fantasies of dining with David Bowie or a young couple trying to escape Nazi-occupied Europe. Bongwater ended with some acrimony around 1992, but as with most short-lived outfits, still maintains a great deal of cult appreciation, thanks mainly to Magnuson, who’s been performing the best of her former band’s work with some other ex-members (including wizard guitarist David Rick). That project stops by for a rare Northwest visit this weekend to help celebrate the opening of Steven Doughton’s film Delta at PICA. If that weren’t enough: Stephen Malkmus is going to open the show. ROBERT HAM
Nov 4, 9 pm, PICA at Hancock, $10

Jessica Boudreaux, Candace, Strange Babes DJs
Jessica Boudreaux, the prolific force behind local rock outfit Summer Cannibals, steps out from her main project to celebrate the release of her debut solo album, No Fury, offering listeners a collection of infectious and emotional synth-driven pop tunes. Part of the 2017 Siren Nation Musc and Arts Festival.
Nov 5, 8:30 pm, Holocene, $8

Holy Grove, Tower, Acid Wash
Holy Grove takes all the evil things from classic metal, doom, and blues and transforms them into a hulking beast—and that's just the rhythm section. Vocalist Andrea Vidal sings with power and precision, and guitarist Trent Jacobs unleashes riffs that are sludgy yet dexterous. MARK LORE
Nov 5, 8 pm, The Know, $8

Dreckig, Amenta Abioto, Brown Calculus
Tonight the percussion-driven dance/krautrock/cumbia project Dreckig celebrates the release of its sophomore album, Space in Time/Time in Space, with some of Portland’s most visionary artists. Brown Calculus is Brown Alice (co-founder of the Y.G.B. art collective) and Brown Calvin, two intergalactic spirits convening on this plane to embody their message of unity through jazz. They recently dropped a video for their single “Self Care,” a dreamy reminder to love and care for yourself and those around you—a much-needed message in this time of communal stress. Amenta Abioto weaves soulful stories of the African diaspora through her experimentation with loops, syncopated rhythms, and manipulations of her voice. Abioto infuses her live performances with a raw power that draws the audience into her transcendental, genre-hopping aural world. Make sure to catch this impressive lineup of some of Portland’s most imaginative artists of color. DANIELA SERNA
Nov 3, 9 pm, Bunk Bar, $7

Jessica Dennison + Jones, The Morals, Alternative Milk
Local folk-rock and pop duo Jessica Dennison + Jones head down to Kelly's Olympian for a hometown headlining show benefitting environmental justice organization OPAL.
Nov 3, 9 pm, Kelly's Olympian, $5

Purple Rain
As a movie, Purple Rain isn't much, honestly—basically a series of melodramatic (and often misogynistic) vignettes about a pouty brat (Prince) acting like a sour piece of shit to everyone in a five-mile radius (The Revolution, Apollonia) as a coping mechanism for having an abusive father (Clarence Williams III). But as a document of Prince's talents as a musician and a live performer, (and to a lesser extent, Morris Day's charisma and The Time's chops), Purple Rain is like an atomic bomb powered by funk-rock fusion, whose radioactive fallout changed pop culture forever. SQUAWK! Hallelujah. BOBBY ROBERTS
Nov 3-5; 12:05 pm, 4:35 pm, 9:15 pm; Academy Theater, $3-4