Lizzo, Doja Cat
As far as headliners go, rapper/singer/flautist Lizzo is a stunner. But the “Coconut Oil” queen is known for bringing a gang of seriously talented femcees on tour to back up the bill. This time that support comes in the form of LA-based rapper Doja Cat. A quick foray through after her Soundcloud should pique your interest (and make you show up to the venue on time). JENNI MOORE Read more about Lizzo in Sneaker Wave.
8:30 pm, Wonder Ballroom, $20-22, all ages

Chad VanGaalen, NE-HI
Canadian singer/songwriter and visual artist Chad VanGaalen makes weirdo indie rock that’s only rivalled in greatness by his animated music videos. His new album Light Information holds a microscope to humanity’s relationship with time, technology, and self-imposed boundaries. Like every VanGaalen creation, it’s strange but beautiful, in an alien way. CIARA DOLAN
9 pm, Doug Fir, $14-16

"You Don't Know Me!" Comedy Showcase
Anytime an established music venue opens its doors to a new stand-up comedy showcase, it’s reason to rejoice. That goes double when the inaugural show’s headliners include Mercury “Undisputable Genius of Comedy” Caitlin Weierhauser and Barbara Holm (Host of It’s Gonna Be Okay). They’ll be joined by a few of Portland’s brightest up-and-coming acts, along with comedic musical guests Brahñana and Feminine Touch. CHIPP TERWILLIGER
9 pm, Goodfoot, $5

9 to 5
The sheer size of 9 to 5’s popularity is hard to understand almost 40 years after the fact, but it was a monster. It would have easily been the highest grossing film of 1980—if The Empire Strikes Back hadn’t been released that same year. 9 to 5 is powered by the unexpectedly solid comic chops of Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton’s infectious theme, Dabney Coleman’s sweaty swagger, and the mind-altering imagery of Lily Tomlin as Snow White (complete with animated forest fauna conspiring to poison her boss). What’s even more amazing (and frustrating, and honestly, sorta depressing) is how relevant the film still is, and how distant our heroic trio’s dream of equal rights and equal pay remains. 9 to 5 already had bite. Somehow its teeth are even sharper now, and its comedy cuts a little more painfully after all this time. BOBBY ROBERTS
6:45 pm, Laurelhurst Theater, $3-4

Pie & Whiskey: Writers Under the Influence of Butter & Booze
A release party for Kate Lebo and Samuel Ligon's new anthology, collecting six years worth of works all focused on either pie, whiskey, or the combination of the two, with readings by Alexandra Teague, Ed Skoog, Joe Wilkins, Robert Lashley, Jess Walter, and Shawn Vestal.
11 am, Independent Publishing Resource Center, free

Hemingway, Giant Peach, Person Be, Loose
One of Portland's premier punk and emo-tinged indie rock outfits spearhead a Sunday night shindig at the Know in support of their 2017 full-length, You Will Never Be Happy.
8 pm, The Know

Diarrhea Planet, Eyelids
It’s been a busy year for Eyelids. The crew—which includes members of the Decemberists, Guided by Voices, the Dharma Bums, and Elliott Smith—dropped their sophomore LP, Or, to widespread acclaim, released fun music videos, and toured extensively. Produced by legendary R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck, Or is a powerhouse rock record, with the pretty textures of Paisley Underground guitars anchored by the dual vocal attack of Chris Slusarenko and John Moen. Tonight, Eyelids open for Nashville punks Diarrhea Planet, whose four-guitar assault has the ability to humble, enlighten, and destroy anyone within earshot. Take a listen to the band’s 2016 album Turn to Gold for proof, or just get down to Mississippi Studios to hear for yourself. RYAN J. PRADO
9 pm, Mississippi Studios, $15

Human Highway
Neil Young is really good at a lot of things—songs, guitar solos, cranky environmental screeds—but comedic acting isn’t one of them. That didn’t stop the musician from making this weird 1982 nuclear-themed comedy with his buddies Dean Stockwell and Russ Tamblyn. The humor is broad, the sets are homemade, and the acting is hammier than a ham hamwich with extra ham at this year’s HamFest. Even without Dennis Hopper’s bug-eyed turn as a knife-wielding short-order cook, you can sense the thickness of drugs in the air. The movie also features Devo, and the Ohio band joins Young for a maniacally awesome version of “Hey Hey, My My” that’s by far the movie’s highlight. Devo’s Gerald Casale will be in attendance for Sunday’s screening, and I’m sure he’s as pleasantly befuddled by this curio as the rest of us. NED LANNAMANN
7:30 pm, Hollywood Theatre

Gin Blossoms
Behind the Gin Blossoms’ jangling, effervescent power-pop lies one of the greatest tragedies in rock history. The group’s 1992 breakthrough, New Miserable Experience, is quite possibly the greatest mainstream guitar pop record of the ’90s after Weezer’s Blue Album. This is almost entirely attributable to the songwriting talents of the band’s guitarist and co-founder Doug Hopkins, whose mix of radio-ready melodies and disaffected Gen X tropes ensured universal resonance. Though Hopkins was not the band’s sole songwriter, his contributions to New Miserable Experience are far and away the best of the batch—especially the perennial underdog anthem “Hey Jealousy” and the flawless “Found Out About You,” which effortlessly bridges the gap between Radio City-era Big Star and the Smiths. Here’s the tragic part: Right as New Miserable Experience was being completed, Hopkins was ejected from his own group due to his substance abuse. His songs would go on to become the album’s biggest hits; shortly after receiving a gold record for “Hey Jealousy,” Hopkins committed suicide. The Gin Blossoms, sans Hopkins, have soldiered on as purveyors of genial, Starbucks-dad alt-rock (they were poised to play the ill-fated Mark McGrath and Friends cruise in 2013), and their newer releases are surprisingly listenable—but without Hopkins, it seems unlikely that they’ll ever come close to matching New Miserable Experience. To be fair, few bands could. MORGAN TROPER
8 pm, Aladdin Theater, $40

Star Wars Spectacular
Conductor Norman Huynh and narrator Pam Mahon lead the Oregon Symphony, the Pacific Youth Choir, and Dance West through performances set to John Williams’ most iconic scores in a special installment of the Oregon Symphony's Kids Concert Series.
2 pm, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, $10-40, all ages

BelgianFest VII
The seventh straight year of celebrating the best Belgian beers from Oregon's finest brewers, with over 30 beers on tap from Double Mountain, Breakside, Goose Island, Ommegang, Wolves & People, pFriem, Baerlic, Deschutes, and more.
noon, Bailey's Taproom

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