Humbug Lager Fest
The problem with winter beer festivals is that after two sips of a piney, figgy, outrageously strong winter ale, you’re done for the night. Which is why North Portland’s Occidental Brewing’s annual Humbug Lager Fest celebrates lagers of all kinds. This year’s the biggest Humbug yet—with visiting brews from more than a dozen breweries, including the German monks at Andechs—and stretches across two exciting, lager-filled days. NED LANNAMANN
Dec 9-10, Sat 2 pm; Sun 12 pm; Occidental Brewing Co., $10

Gingerbread Jamboree
If you're sick of the mess and hassle involved in making gingerbread houses—and let's not even mention the necessary technical expertise—head on down to this year's Gingerbread Jamboree, put on by Portland's Junior League. They supply all the ingredients (including a candy buffet) and instruction, and they clean up the mess! Plus it's for charity, which is also very nice. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY
Dec 2 & 9, 11 am & 1 pm, The Duniway Hilton, $35, all ages

Stacked Italian Supper
Chef/Owner Gabriel Pascuzzi gets back to his roots for this holiday-inspired dinner, drawing on his own history of large family gatherings, as well as recent trips through Italy. The dinner will reconfigure the Stacked interior, and menu items will include Crudo, Salumi, Spumoni Baked Alaska, Pasta e Pane, and more, with wine and cocktails a la carte.
Dec 7, 7 pm, Stacked Sandwich Shop, $75

A Bubbly Spectacular
The creator of The World's Best Champagne List is throwing a party to celebrate the bubbly in all its aspects, with 60 champagnes, cremants, sekts, proseccos, and other local favorites available for sipping and savoring, with a raw oyster bar from EaT, a free popcorn stand, and lessons on how to saber a champagne bottle without horrifically injuring yourself.
Dec 10, 4 pm, Pix/Bar Vivant, $35-45

Sweater Weather 2017
A party celebrating the holiday, and the concept of warm fuzzies, and the creation of said warm and fuzzies through quality cocktailing, with drinks mixed by local bartenders including Kate Bolton of Ava Gene's, Jessica Braaschley of the Bible Club, Freedom Ciavarello of Circa 33, and Camille Cavan of Quaintrelle. Also: Wear a nice sweater. Or an ugly one. It's the season, after all.
Dec 14, 6 pm, Townshend's Teahouse on Alberta

La Ruta Del Toro: Basque Sidra Dinner
A dinner built around a freshly-tapped barrel of sidra, or Spanish cider, and exploring the flavors that come from the Basque region of Spain.
Dec 30, 6 pm, Plaza Del Toro, $100

Breakside Ball
Breakside Brewing chose New Year's Eve 2017 to finally indulge their desire to transform their pub, and the street in front of it, into a sprawling party, with live music from the Kinky Brothers, a fire pit, an outdoor silent disco, and of course, gallons and gallons of delicious Breakside brew.
Dec 31, 8 pm, Breakside Brewery, $40-60

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