The Thesis 3-Year Anniversary Show
Look, the Mercury is one of many sponsors of monthly hip-hop showcase The Thesis, and we want it to thrive. But even if the thing were put on by our most contemptible enemy (looking at YOU, Zippity News) we’d be repping The Thesis’ third anniversary celebration. This is going to be one hell of a party. Tonight sees a headlining by Detroit wordsmith Ty Farris (with production by local standout Trox). It’s got rhymes from Seattle duo Kung Foo Grip, who are fantastic, doing such strong work keeping the golden-age vibe alive in the Emerald City. And oh, by the way? Cool Nutz is hitting the stage. Just because. It’s been impressive to see The Thesis grow over the past several years, and tonight is a sign that things are only getting better from here. (Your move, ZN.) DIRK VANDERHART
9 pm, Kelly's Olympian, $10

The Killers, Franz Ferdinand
Brandon Flowers and his Las Vegas rock outfit return to town in support of their Wonderful Wonderful, the band's fist full-length since 2012's Battle Born. Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand lend their support to the proceedings.
7 pm, Theater of the Clouds, $39-200

Big Head Todd & the Monsters, SIMO
Todd Park Mohr and his longtime blues rock band out of Boulder make their way back through the Pacific Northwest in support of their latest album, New World Arisin'.
7:30 pm, Revolution Hall, $35

Protest to Support Net Neutrality
The Chairman of the FCC was a lawyer for Verizon. The Chairman of the FCC wants to eradicate the very idea of net neutrality. The Chairman of the FCC doesn't think the internet is a utility, nor should it be a utility, and thinks its a-ok if about four or five giant telecoms gouge the hell out of people just to access what has become a necessary aspect of their day-to-day lives. So this protest in front of Verizon is to send a message to the Chairman of the FCC and to members of Congress that net neutrality is necessary. (Please don't protest the Verizon store employees—they're not the ones fucking everything up for the rest of us, they're just trying to make rent this month.)
5 pm, 616 SW Broadway

Nikki Hill, The Get Ahead, Kris Deelane
The North Carolina-raised and New Orleans-based R&B singer-songwriter bridges the gap between rock and soul in her energetic live shows. Catch her tonight when she swings back through Dante's in support of her debut album, Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists.
9 pm, Dante's, $15

Die Hard
Somewhere around a decade back, it became fashionable to answer “Die Hard” when asked “What’s your favorite Christmas movie?” People would laugh and go, “Yeah, I guess that counts.” But then—like bacon, unicorns, and LOLcats—the shit got played the fuck out, to the point where people now say “anything but fuckin’ Die Hard. God! Ugh!” Here’s the thing, though: No matter how many corny dipshits might vomit up this title as their go-to response? They’re not wrong. You could do a hell of a lot worse than arguably the single best action film ever made as your pick. So pull up a seat, kick off your shoes, and make some fists with your toes. Christmas has a machine gun. Ho-ho-ho. BOBBY ROBERTS
9:15 pm, Laurelhurst Theater, $3-4

Unsane, Plaque Marks
The influential noise rock trio out of New York City bring their pioneering blend of hardcore punk and metal back to Portland for a headlining show supporting their recent Southern Lord-issued album, Sterilize.
8 pm, Tonic Lounge, $14-16

Chris Hardwick
The man who hosts the world. He's leveraged a podcasting empire with Nerdist Industries and transformed it into a career hosting shows like The Talking Dead, Talking Bad, Talking Saul and his own dearly departed panel discussion show, @Midnight. He's also a really fucking good bowler. Like, really good.
7:15 pm, Helium Comedy Club, $35

Mr. Wrong, Boink!, Galaxy Research
Mr. Wrong’s debut LP, Babes in Boyland, starts throwing flames within the first few seconds. A combination of both new and reworked material, the album’s nine tracks showcase the Portland three-piece’s raw talent and combustible energy. CIARA DOLAN
8 pm, The Know

Charles Forsman
A book release for Forsman's latest work, I Am Not Okay with This, about a high school freshman struggling to deal with the death of her father without letting her telekinesis get out of control.
6 pm, Floating World Comics

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