Super: Women in Tech
News flash! Being a woman or nonbinary person in the bro-heavy tech industry is NOT SO EASY. (Oh, this doesn’t come as a surprise?) That’s why you should check out this evening of live, storytelling awesomeness from women and nonbinary folk who have been in the tech trenches and survived to tell the tale. Expect hilarious, poignant, and sometimes angering stories from the strongest, and brainiest people you will ever meet. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY
8 pm, Aladdin Theater, $12-30

St. Johns Bizarre
The 12th annual St. Johns Bizarre returns to the North Portland neighborhood’s main drag this weekend to kick-start the street festival season. The late spring revelry will include an open-air craft fair with more than 125 vendors, activities for kids (like balloon animals, jugglers, and “bubble artists”), activities for grown-ups (like beer gardens with brews from Occidental Brewing Company and Oregon Mead and Cider Co.), and live music from some of the Pacific Northwest’s most talented performers: R&B singer Fritzwa, heavy psych-rockers BlackWater HolyLight, indie pop sweethearts Wild Ones, Blackalicious collaborator Vursatyl, Seattle punk band Wimps (whose music is decidedly un-wimpy), and many more. Bonus: It’s free! CIARA DOLAN
10 am, St. Johns Plaza, free, all ages

CABA Classic Alpaca Show
Sometimes an event comes around that you didn’t know you needed, but now it’s the only thing you want to do with your life. That’s how I feel about hanging out with 500 alpacas. These alpacas are entering contests to strut their stuff and have the fluffiest fleece. Vendors will sell alpaca fleece arts and crafts in case you want to keep petting some alpaca for the rest of your life. KELLY KENOYER
Fri-Sat 8 am, Portland Expo Center, free, all ages

Aliens is the best film James Cameron ever made. Not the biggest—lord knows the man himself has apparently conflated the two terms as his career exploded all over the box office in ever louder, ever-more-simple pandering blasts of spectacle—but the best. Imagine the audacity to follow up one of the most influential horror films ever made by turning it into a Vietnam War allegory that is also a metaphor for motherhood that is also an action film so perfectly paced that most people don't realize it takes over an hour before a single fanged penis-beast from outer space shows up. And imagine executing on that idea so well that movies, comics, and video games spend the next 30-plus years strip-mining every inch of it for inspiration. Cameron never wrote another script this tight, never directed actors this precisely, and never made a film this palpable—almost unbearable—again. BOBBY ROBERTS
9:25 pm, Academy Theater, $3-4

Oregon Humane Society Doggie Dash
A daylong party for pets and their owners, and also a party for the Oregon Human Society's 150th birthday! The 2018 Doggie Dash includes a walk/run through Portland, vendors, live music, canine contests, and more activities for the whole family, with proceeds supporting Oregon Humane Society.
7:30 am, Tom McCall Waterfront Park, free, all ages

Preoccupations, Moaning
For Canadian post-punks Preoccupations, calling their latest album New Material was probably a no-brainer. Ever since the band’s ill-advised original name Viet Cong sparked cancelled bookings and general outrage, they’ve been forging ahead under their new banner with the same anxious and suffocated modus operandi. Now fully settled into their post-controversy career, focus can return to Preoccupations’ music, and New Material is more than deserving of the attention. Other than the droning enormity of closing track “Compliance” and the synth-heavy moodiness of “Doubt,” the album is often as streamlined in performance as it is in presentation (or at least lacks a 10-plus minute track, unlike both previous records). Hollow, danceable opener and lead single “Espionage” feel directly inspired by Faith-era Cure, while the immediacy of songs like “Decompose” and “Antidote” lays in the tight, hypnotic grooves of bassist Matt Flegel and drummer Mike Wallace. These details will likely translate into a live show invigorating enough to make us forget that, as Flegel snarls, “to live is to suffer again and again.” BEN WEINSTEIN
9:30 pm, Star Theater, $15

Blossom, SUS, All Star Opera, SXLXMXN
Any chance to experience Blossom live is worth your time and money—she’s the undisputed queen of Portland soul, and her debut LP Tease (with producer Hot16) was one of the best records of last year. Throughout, Blossom’s velvety voice glides over slow-burning beats (“Superwoman”) and throwback funk breakdowns (“Loves Coming”), and the result is hypnotic, empowering, and sure to make you move. CIARA DOLAN
9 pm, Kelly's Olympian, $8-10

Phone Call, Dreckig, Sunbathe, Petit Poucet
The 12th annual St. Johns Bizarre spills over into the Fixin' To with free performances from Phone Call, Dreckig, Sunbathe, and Petit Poucet.
8 pm, The Fixin' To, free, all ages

GeekCraft Expo PDX
A free curated craft fair (founded by comics creator Daniel Way) featuring pop-culture inspired, handmade goods created by local makers and artisans.
Fri-Sat 11 am, Oregon Convention Center, free, all ages

Feria de Portland
Oregon's flamenco community gets a chance to cut loose and celebrate itself and the culture of flamenco, with performances, demonstrations, dancing, Spanish food vendors, a full bar, and more.
5 pm, AudioCinema, $10-15

Count Bass D, Rev Shines
A rare visit from one of the most underrated-yet-essential hip-hop producers of all time, Count Bass D, who is pretty damn good at the whole rapping thing as well.
9 pm, The Liquor Store, $10

St. John's Bizarre After-Party: Blesst Chest, Moon Debris, Tiger Touch
Sure, technically, the Bizarre is over by the time this party starts. But all the weird, wooly, and wonderful that was just going on outside all day is absolutely coming in for a drink and a chance to bounce around the inside of Slims for the rest of the night.
9 pm, Slim's, free

Gulch, Rllrbll, Sam Wenc
Local trio Gulch bring their jangling and infectious indie rock sounds out to Speck's to celebrate the release of their latest full-length. Likeminded locals Rllrbll and Sam Wenc (of Post Moves) round out the proceedings.
7 pm, Speck's Records and Tapes, free, all ages

13th Annual Bob Dylan Tribute Show
A slew of Portland's finest musicians gather at the Alberta Street Pub to pay tribute the life and works of the Nobel Prize winning songwriter out of Duluth. With performances from The Old Yellers, Crystal Lariza, Rachel Brashear, The Moaning Lorries, Jessa Campbell, Ronnie Carrier, Castletown, Cedro Willie, Kimberly Devine & Perry Devine, Carlos Severe Marcelin, The Waxwings, and more.
8 pm, Alberta Street Pub, $10

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