Solo: A Star Wars Story

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The Vanport Mosaic Festival
On May 30, 1942, a catastrophic flood destroyed homes and displaced the residents of Vanport City, Oregon—the second largest city at the time. This six-day festival is jam-packed with vital, interactive, and educational events including multiple art exhibits, a Black Panther Party legacy tour, Confluence Story Gathering elevating indigenous voices and tales, screenings, a public forum drawing comparison between Vanport and Katrina, and much more. EMILLY PRADO
Various Locations, for a complete schedule of events, click here

Revolution Comedy
Andie Main’s Revolution Comedy series refuses to fuck around when it comes to great comedy and sticking a finger in the eye of the Trump administration. That’s why the show not only provides great stand-up from Portland’s funniest local comedians (as well as those from across the nation), it also raises moolah for important local progressive charities. The May show, produced in partnership with Portland Community Football Club, will help raise cash to secure soccer equipment for Portland kids, with Alex Falcone, Randy Mendez, Katie Nguyen, Dylan Jenkins, and Jeremiah Coughlan bringing the laughs. So help some kids out a little, and get a LOT of funny in return. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY
7 pm, Curious Comedy Theater, $5

U Sco, Floom, Halfbird
It’s been a while since experimental Portland trio U Sco has graced a stage with their awe-inducing aural onslaught. The band’s controlled chaos folds in the technical flourishes of jazz, the unhinged aggression of progressive metal, and heady minimalist repetition to forge an altogether mystifying cacophony. Their 2016 EP Tuskflower opens with four-and-a-half minutes of roiling feedback, which eventually gives way to a manic five more minutes of touch-and-go mayhem on “O.” Later tracks bask in equally frenzied exhibitions of instrumental prowess that, while pretty ferocious through a pair of headphones, is best experienced live. The cozy confines of Turn! Turn! Turn! oughta serve as the perfect nest to hatch the band’s 2018 resurgence. RYAN J. PRADO
8 pm, Turn! Turn! Turn!

The Movie Quiz
A solid, fun trivia night with a focus on film—from identifying posters and clips to sussing out soundtracks and quotes. Things can drag on—the checking of answer sheets can take entirely too long—and both sets from comedian co-hosts and YouTube-filled intermissions similarly drag out the proceedings. But the actual trivia part, from the witty questions to the friendly, film geek crowd, is a ton of fun, and hanging out in one of the Hollywood’s upstairs auditoriums—with beer, pizza, and a full-on movie screen—is a welcome respite from bar-hosted trivia nights. ERIK HENRIKSEN
9:30 pm, Hollywood Theatre, $5

Jaren George hosts this special Memorial Day edition of this new stand-up showcase featuring sets from Aaron Harleman, Kat Buckley, Nicky Moon, Shain Brenden, Adam Pasi, and Todd Armstrong.
8 pm, White Owl Social Club, $5

Memorial Weekend Open House
A three-day celebration of delicious wine, locally made, paired with food offerings from a series of quality local vendors (including Alma Chocolate and Water Avenue Coffee), as well as live music and art.
10 am, Sokol Blosser Winery, $25

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