Cartoon Network Game Jam
In 2016, Cartoon Network invited Portland’s talented video game development scene to a Game Jam event where they teamed up and created playable indie games within a 48-hour span. Tonight’s documentary screening will offer a never-before-seen glimpse into all of the madness, and give you the chance to meet local game makers and go hands-on the fruits of their labor for the first time since the event’s after-party. CHIPP TERWILLIGER
Fri 6:30 pm, Revolution Hall, free w/ rsvp, all ages

Pride Block Party
Friendly House hosts this friendly Pride party whose theme is —surprise—friendliness! Featuring performances from the House of Dott doing their best to shine a light on local LGBTQ talent, as well as a bounce house, face painting, ice cream, barbecue, and more.
Fri 5 pm, Friendly House Community Center, free

Moorea Masa & the Mood, Blossom
For many in the Portland music scene (myself included), Moorea Masa first grabbed our collective attention as a vocalist in Ural Thomas and the Pain. She’s since gone on to work with the Brent Knopf/Matt Berninger collaboration El Vy and sung for the Decemberists and kd lang, but concurrently, Masa’s also been proving herself an artist fully deserving of her own spotlight. Masa’s first solo album, Shine a Light, is a soulful, magnanimous collection of songs that sounds fully contemporary even as it boasts vintage garnishments like whirring Hammond organ and Motown-esque stabs of strings. Masa’s voice would likely sound fantastic in front of any backdrop, but Shine a Light is the perfect showcase for her terrific voice, tinged with soul, R&B, folk, and pop. It’s an album good enough to turn Masa into the kind of superstar she so clearly is destined to become. NED LANNAMANN
Sun 8 pm, Rontoms, free

Woolen Men, Fronjentress
Portland trio the Woolen Men bring their infectious jangle pop and rock out to No Fun for an intimate hometown show with support from local country and folk-pop outfit Fronjentress.
Fri 9 pm, No Fun, $5

Billy & Dolly, The Zags, Thee Last Go Round
San Francisco's Billy & Dolly headline a night of quality indie pop that goes in some very unique and interesting places.
Fri 8 pm, Turn! Turn! Turn!, $5

Erotic City
Why confine Prince's birthday to a single day? That's not how Erotic City's gonna do it; they're taking over the Fixin' To for three nights, with a different DJ each night pulling from their collections to help pay tribute to His Royal Badness.
Fri-Sat 9 pm, The Fixin' To, $7

Tropitaal: A Desi-Latino Soundclash
DJ Anjali & the Incredible Kid set the Goodfoot floor on fire with a night of Tropitaal, blending the hottest sounds of India and Latin America together into one epic dance party.
Sat 9 pm, Goodfoot, $7

Melville, Fortunes Folly, The Loved
Melville's pretty good at taking all the prefixes and hyphenates music writers use to separate rock 'n' roll into a gajillion little genres, mashing 'em back together, and throwing 'em right back at you.
Fri 9 pm, Kelly’s Olympian, $7

Spec Script: Westworld
A live episode of the Rivercity Podcast Federation program, where a staged reading of Anthony Hudson's script for a Westworld episode is performed live by local comic talent.
7 pm, Kelly's Olympian, $7

Wax Idols, Screture, Dead Spells
Hether Fortune and her Oakland band bring their goth-tinged pop and post-punk sounds back through Portland for a headlining show supporting their latest full-length, Happy Ending.
Sat 8:30 pm, Tonic Lounge, $10

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