The Lavender Flu, Sleeping Beauties, Navy Gangs
Tonight, the Lavender Flu celebrates the release of their new record Mow the Glass, the follow-up to their sprawling (and beloved) 2016 debut Heavy Air. Led by former Hunches guitarist Chris Gunn, across 13 tracks the Portland rock band delivers more of what they’re best at: spaced-out, lo-fi, Kinks-inspired pop hooks that are tethered to earth by plenty of heavy guitar riffs. CIARA DOLAN
Sat 8 pm, Turn! Turn! Turn!, $8

Taking Pride on Stark
Scandals throws a three-day block party as part of Portland Pride 2018, featuring live music, the best DJs, drag shows, and more, all benefitting the Cascade AIDS Project and the Audria M. Edwards scholarship fund. There is no cover for entry, but donations are much appreciated and will help support the local beneficiaries.
Fri 7pm, Sat-Sun 2 pm, Scandals, free

Husky Boys, Cool American
The latest installment of Sunday Sessions at Rontoms doubles as a release show for Portland garage rock quartet Husky Boys, who are set to unleash their brand new full-length, Year of the Wolf. Local indie rock outfit Cool American round out the proceedings.
8 pm, Rontoms, free

Woodlawn Block Party
Breakside Brewery throws an all-day block party to celebrate the Woodlawn neighborhood and community, with live music, games, vendors, and gallons and gallons of tasty beer. Proceeds from the event will benefit Woodlawn Elementary & Ockley Green Middle School.
8 pm, Breakside Brewery, free

Hollow Sidewalks, Airport, A Certain Smile
A trio of Portland's finest purveyors of dreamy and jangling indie pop and rock gather at Turn! Turn! Turn! to celebrate the release of Airport's latest single.
Fri 8:30 pm, Turn! Turn! Turn!, $5

Judy on Duty
A special Pride edition of Judy on Duty, celebrating one the local queer community. The vibe is genuinely comfortable and inclusive, so assholes and creeps: Stay away, or you'll have to answer to a lot of angry Judys. CIARA DOLAN
Sat 9 pm, Tonic Lounge, $5

Bizarre Love Triangle: '80s New Wave & Synth Pop
DJs Gregarious, The Art of Hot, and Narcissus My Reflection dig into their crates and pull out only the finest in new wave and synth pop for your listening pleasure.
Fri 9 pm, The Liquor Store, $6

Moon Tiger, Pool Boys
Moon Tiger bring their infectious blend of harmony-driven rock and noise-pop back through the Doug Fir for a hometown headlining show celebrating the release of their new EP. Newly-minted indie rock quartet Pool Boys (featuring members of Rare Diagram, Lubec, and DMN) round out the bill.
9 pm, Doug Fir, $8

Gaytheist, Maximum Mad, Law Boss
If the music of Gaytheist were a vehicle, it would be a semi, late on its delivery, blazing down I-5, the speed limit only a laughable suggestion as the trucker begins to have Tron-like hallucinations from 38 hours of no sleep and caffeine-pill cocktails. With only three members, Gaytheist leaves you wondering how they create such a heavy, intricate layering of sound. CAMERON CROWELL
9 pm, (The World Famous) Kenton Club, $10

Circuit Breaker
Local queen/performance artist/host Pepper Pepper presides over the spicy Circuit Breaker, where DJs Orso, The Prey, and DJ Don’t spin a wide variety of techno to get hot to, in a haze of fog and flashing lights. SUZETTE SMITH
Sat 9 pm, The Liquor Store, $10

Void Omnia, Isenordal, Addaura, Burials
Void Omnia is one of the best heavy metal bands out there that you (probably) haven’t heard of yet. Comprised of current and former members of groups like Tombs, Mutilation Rites, Ulthar, and Ruine, the Oakland band plays atmospheric black metal at the breakneck pace of punk rock, and the results are thrilling. Check out their 2016 album Dying Light, where strangled howls, hellish growls, and nonstop blast beats collide with a guitar attack that’s somehow melodic, savage, and space-bound all at the same time. Tonight’s bill also includes Isenordal, a Seattle-based funeral-doom act that also rules. The two bands are touring to support their brand-new split release, out now on cassette and later this year on vinyl. BEN SALMON
8:30 pm, Tonic Lounge, $10