Monster Drawing Rally IV
Every year, nearly 100 local artists gather in the Portland Art Museum’s courtyard to donate however many monster drawings they can make in a three-hour span. The drawings are sold as they’re created ($35 a pop!), and the money generates funding for youth art programs. It’s a whole lot of good things in one spot! The bazaar-style atmosphere has DJs and food, but remember, you’re still at a museum: You can watch a piece of art come to life, but please don’t touch the art(ists)! SUZETTE SMITH
Fri 6 pm, Portland Art Museum, free, all ages

World Cup Final Block Party
Another four years, another World Cup, and another joyous international celebration of both the beautiful game of soccer and the festering corruption eating away at the rotten heart of FIFA. Fun! Also regardless, let’s take a sec to acknowledge this for what it actually is: An excellent excuse to get soused at 8 am on a Sunday. ERIK HENRIKSEN
Sun 7 am, The Toffee Club, free

Millennial Falcon, Harry Katz & the Pistachios, Mouthbreather, Living Skins, Dwight D
Millennial Falcon’s self-described “space pirate punk” combines the lighthearted elements of ska and the driving energy of punk rock. The Portland band’s latest release, Hikikomori, drips with angst, and songs like “Nazi Punchers” have enough gusto to power a small army. What really sets Millennial Falcon apart is the presence of comic book kitsch—it’s almost like they’re creating superhero soundtracks—but passionate rock ’n’ roll ingenuity prevents it from becoming another throwaway party punk band. DELANEY MOTTER
Sat 8 pm, Firkin Tavern, free

Foster Tasting Tour
Pick up a passport book and indulge in tasty $5 treats from an array of Foster area businesses, including Nayar Taqueria, Jurassic Cart, Bar Maven, La Arepa, and the Portland Mercado. Collect as many stickers as you can and return your passport for a chance to win prizes.
Sat 2 pm, Foster Area Business Association, click here for a complete list of participating businesses and offerings, $5

Judy on Duty Daytime
A special daytime edition of Judy on Duty, celebrating one the local queer community. The vibe is genuinely comfortable and inclusive, so assholes and creeps: Stay away, or you'll have to answer to a lot of angry Judys. CIARA DOLAN
Sat 3 pm, White Owl Social Club, $5

Foxy Lemon, Dad Works Hard, Streetcar Conductors
Foxy Lemon bring their organ-fueled garage rock through the Fixin' To to spearhead a Radio Hot Tub showcase along with support from local up-and-comers Dad Works Hard and Streetcar Conductors.
Fri 9 pm, The Fixin' To, $5

Rotties, Cockeye
Rotties want to party with you, and they're willing to use every tool in the punk-rock playbook to get the job done. CHIPP TERWILLIGER
Sat 9 pm, No Fun, $5

The Doubleclicks
Angela and Aubrey Webber bring their beloved geek-folk outfit down to Books With Pictures for an intimate all-ages performance.
Fri 7 pm, Books With Pictures, $5-10, all ages

Seattle jazz trio McTuff’s organ-centric crew exhibits blistering chops, as heard on their most recent LP, Vol. 3: The Root, where their worldly musical muses traverse impressive realms on scorchers like “A Mendacious One” or the glittering dancehall jam “The Brat.” Those inclined to cut a rug had best be in attendance. RYAN J. PRADO
Sat 10 pm, Goodfoot, $10

Summer Strawberry Beer Fest
Saraveza and the Fruit Beer Festival team up to add one more mini-fest to the city's ever growing roster of delicious showcases for adventurous brewers. Behold! BEERS MADE OUT OF STRAWBERRIES. 15 of 'em, in fact, paired with strawberry food specials.
Sat noon, Saraveza, $10

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