Montavilla Street Fair
Stark gets shut down between SE 76th and 82nd to make room for the return of this inclusive, family-friendly community block(s) party, including over 120 vendors, live music spread across three stages, food and drink, and activities and games for kids.
Sun 10 am, SE Stark & 76th, free, all ages

Portland Zine Symposium
Just so ya know, zines aren’t just a ’90s fad that refuses to die—the small press movement continues to be an important way to hear and experience marginalized voices. PLUS THEY ARE WICKED COOL. Check out the 18th (!) annual Portland Zine Symposium, which will feature over 150 zinesters from around the world showing their wares, as well as free workshops, panels, and special guests including zine-maker Osa Atoe and comic artist Yumi Sakugawa. And free childcare on the premises? Somebody should do a zine just about that. WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY
Sat-Sun 11 am, Wattles Boys & Girls Club, free, all ages

Tender Age, Floating Room
For both Tender Age and Floating Room, the process of writing and recording an album is as slow and methodical as the dreamy music they play. Though they've been around for a few years, Becoming Real Forever is the brand-new debut LP from Tender Age. The self-recorded analog album trades surf sounds for primed ’90s shoegaze that exudes the somber beauty of the Oregon Coast, where it was recorded. Floating Room’s sophomore album False Baptism is just as emotionally forthright as their first; the gentle tones of Maya Stoner's voice contemplate tough subjects through experimental noise-pop. Certain artists have the ability to summon sentiments buried deep within, and for anyone attending this show, it'll probably be damn near impossible to leave without feeling something. CERVANTE POPE
9 pm, Rontoms, free

Strange Babes Soul & Funk Revue
Much beloved radio disk jockeys Jen O, KM Fizzy, & Magic Beans crack open the deep music knowledge they bring to their XRAY.FM radio show and pour it all over the Killingsworth Dynasty dance floor. Stay strong, be positive and shake it off with their soul and funk standards like Sister Nancy, Grace Jones, the Marvelettes and probably a few weird ones too—they are the Strange Babes, after all. SUZETTE SMITH
Sat 9 pm, Killingsworth Dynasty, $3-5

Fountaine, Point Juncture, WA
Anime-loving rapper/producer Fountaine is young but prolific; his Bandcamp profile overflows with material, like his most recent LP, 2017’s H.F.I.L. (Hell for Infinite Losers). Across 16 tracks, Fountaine sings and raps behind aqueous beats that’re sometimes dazed and unsettling (“Scorprio”) and sometimes reverberating with danceable, Prince-inspired funk (“Dressed to Kill”). He’ll be joined by beloved experimental indie rock band Point Juncture, WA, who released their long-awaited double album Me or the Party in 2016 after some quiet years. It’s totally worth getting lost in, especially softer tracks like “Whodunnit” and closer “Kings III.” CIARA DOLAN
Fri 8 pm, Turn! Turn! Turn!, $5

Mattress, Naomi Punk, Casual Hex, Gary Supply
Olympia's Naomi Punk and Seattle's Casual Hex bring their distinctive post-punk and noise rock stylings down the I-5 for an intimate Portland show benefiting Transition Projects. Portland's own Mattress and Gary Supply round out the proceedings.
Sat 8 pm, The Fixin' To, $5-10

Stress Position, Licky Chomps, Avola, Elrond
Calling music “post-rock” or “post-hardcore” sounds kind of diminutive—it’s like saying a band is an afterthought to something greater that came before them. Stress Position could easily fit into either of those subgenres, but they don’t really convey the meditative, heavy catharsis of the band’s recent self-titled LP, released via label Nadine Records. Its 12 tracks balance general dissonance with moody harmonies, ever-shifting energies, attitudes, and tempos, and blast it all through a fuzzy filter. The result carries a stomping weight and conviction you can’t turn your back on. Plus, six of the tracks include just bass, drums, and vocals—and there’s always something to be said for a band that’s able to break out of the confines of the guitar, bass, drums, and vocals formula and still sound whole.
Fri 9 pm, Firkin Tavern, $7

Media Jeweler, Young Jesus, Cynthia Nelson's Digressive Combine
Turn! Turn! Turn! gets my vote for Portland’s best venue, and it’s wonderfully motley bills like this that make the place so special. Brace yourself: Moods will swing. Cynthia Nelson’s most recent album, Out of the Cave, is a bewitching collection of folk rock that evokes the peculiar pleasure of trekking through a forest and getting just lost enough to be just scared enough to notice how strange the world can be. Young Jesus is all about liminal wonder too, but the Los Angeles band’s emo-inflected epics live in the final hour of a sleepless night, that stretch during which thoughts go sideways and dreams creep backwards to claw at consciousness. Santa Ana’s Media Jeweler, on the other hand, is an enemy of reverie. The band’s latest, 1-800-SUCCEED, is a herky-jerky dance of hyperactivity begging for hyphens—it might be something like post-punk math-rock, but I say we forget language for a minute and let our bodies find the band’s elastic wavelength. CHRIS STAMM
Sat 8 pm, Turn! Turn! Turn!, $8

ANDAZ 16th Anniversary Celebration
Tonight DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid celebrate the 16th anniversary of Andaz, the longest-running bhangra and Bollywood dance party in the world (and one of the wildest opportunities to shake your bum in Portland). In May the beloved DJ duo decided to stop hosting their monthly events at the Analog Theater after the owner was accused of sexual harassment. They still haven’t found a permanent replacement home for Andaz, but will continue throwing pop-up shows throughout the summer, including this very special night in the basement of the Liquor Store. Known for fusing heart-quaking electronic with bhangra—a genre with roots in the traditional folk music of the northern Indian state of Punjab—and the soundtracks of Bollywood films, DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid’s dance floor sites are sweaty, glorious chaos. CIARA DOLAN
Fri 9 pm, The Liquor Store, $10

Holy Grove, Worshipper, Old Man Wizard
Holy Grove takes all the evil things from classic metal, doom, and blues and transforms them into a hulking beast—and that's just the rhythm section. Vocalist Andrea Vidal sings with power and precision, and guitarist Trent Jacobs unleashes riffs that are sludgy yet dexterous. MARK LORE
Sat 8:30 pm, Tonic Lounge, $10