Respect! Ladies of Vintage Soul!
DJ Action Slacks is one of the very best at reminding this city that nobody did it like Carla Thomas, Betty Lavette, Big Mama Thornton, Nina Simone, Betty Wright, and of course, Aretha Franklin—and for 2019, her annual Sugar Town tribute to the ladies of vintage soul during Women's History Month settles on its permanent name: Respect! (Sat 9 pm, The Spare Room, $10)

The I, Anonymous Show
Join host Kate Murphy (2018 Undisputable Genius of Comedy) as she reads aloud the wildest and craziest confessions and rants sent to the Mercury's I, Anonymous Blog and then psychologically evaluates them in depth along with a panel of the funniest people in the cosmos. Tonight's show features Portland comedians Ben Harkins and Stephanie Patricio, along with writer, producer, and actor Dino Stamatopoulos (Mr. Show! Moral Orel!) (Wed 7:30 pm, Curious Comedy Theater, $10)

This radical, weekend-long film festival combines shorts, full-length features, and lectures covering a range of radical topics including prison abolition, justice, indigenous rights, and more. Documentary screenings include the Portland-based Arresting Power and Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock. Visit for full schedule. (Fri 6:30 pm, Sat 7 pm, Sun 3 pm, Fifth Avenue Cinema, free) EMILLY PRADO

Booberamapaloozafest MMXIX
Booberamapaloozafest returns to the Kenton Club, bringing you a jam-packed weekend of music from some of Portland's finest, including Dark Numbers, Swamp Buck, 1969, and Mattress on Friday; and Lazerface II, Avola, Masonique, and DJ Jose Dee on Saturday. (Fri-Sat 9 pm, The World Famous Kenton Club, $5 per night)

Old Light, Accumulated Mass, Neptune’s Chargers
It’s time to turn the light back on. For several years, Old Light made all manner of psychedelic rock, from compactly trippy pop nuggets to extended space-canyon mega-jams and everything in between. After burning brightly on the Portland music scene (and prolifically—their O.L.V. cassette box set collects five albums they recorded in 2013 alone), Old Light decided to take time off after parting ways with their bassist when his behavior, in the band’s words, “crossed the line of what is acceptable.” Last year, a reconstituted Old Light hinted online at the possibility of new music. And now, this show. Although this band’s trajectory was sadly interrupted, their wide-ranging stylistic diversity ensured their position as one of the city’s most consistently fascinating bands. It’s great to have them back. (Fri 8 pm, Turn! Turn! Turn!, $5) NED LANNAMANN

The Lavender Flu, Gen Pop, Mope Grooves
Olympia’s Vexx swept through the middle of this decade with the high and holy force of a tornado, and their raw power could rearrange a sweaty collection of bodies into a tangle of wild joy. They didn’t stick around nearly long enough, but two Vexx vets continue to spread the frenzied gospel with Gen Pop, whose tightly wound compositions unite classic American hardcore with the cold menace of Australian post-punks like Ausmuteants and Total Control. The lesson here is an old one that is worth relearning again and again: punk is constantly dying, but it is also always being reborn. (Fri 9 pm, The Fixin' To, $8) CHRIS STAMM

Tribute Night have once again put together one hell of a Friday night throwdown for those who recognize greatness when they hear it, and it's easy to recognize it when it arrives in the forms of Janelle Monae, Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, Beyonce, Salt 'n' Pepa, and more. Partial proceeds from the festivities will go to Planned Parenthood and other local women's charities in honor of Women's History Month. (Fri 9 pm, Holocene, $10)

The Latter Day Skanks, Bondage Squad, The Breach, Titty Babies
Spreading the good word of wearing whatever the hell you want and doing whatever the hell you like with your punk rock. (Fri 9:30 pm, Hawthorne Theatre Lounge, $7)

Thelma & Louise
When Thelma and Louise released in 1991, the poster's tagline read "Somebody said get a life... so they did," which is an... interesting means of selling this amiably heartbreaking road movie about two put-upon Texas women (Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis) just trying to drink a little, dance a little, smoke a little, and enjoy their low-key vacation without every single goddamn man in the world getting in the way and fucking everything all to hell. Callie Khouri's screenplay is beautifully foolproofed against director Ridley Scott's predilection toward missing the point, and the performances by Sarandon and Davis are arguably the best either gave in their long, celebrated careers. (Fri 1:10 pm & 9:40 pm, Academy Theater, $3-4, Through Thurs) BOBBY ROBERTS

PDX Trans & Queer Clothing Swap
Calling all LGBTQIA+ cuties in need of some fresh, environmentally-friendly attire! The sixth PDX trans and queer clothing swap is here. BYOBag to lug your new haul in and consider bringing a grocery bag or two of goodies to donate. Cis, straight allies can support by donating clothing and accessories in advance. (Sat noon, Q Center, free) EMILLY PRADO

Double Mountain Juicy, Clearly Not Hazy IPA Launch Party
Double Mountain takes over Happy Hour at the Doug Fir Lounge to celebrate the launch of their latest IPA, Juicy, Clearly Not Hazy. (Mon 6 pm, Doug Fir, free)

The Great Muppet Caper
Do you not like this movie? Oh, that's okay. It's actually pretty overrated. JUST KIDDING. THAT WAS A TEST. A test to see if you have a SOUL. You FAILED. (Mon 7 pm, Clinton Street Theater, $5)

Spear of Destiny, oVer
The pioneering post-punk outfit headed up by English guitarist and singer/songwriter Kirk Brandon make their way across the pond in support of their latest full-length, Tontine. (Tues 9 pm, Dante's, $10)

Irvine Welsh
Everybody's favorite wildly successful Scottish author returns with Dead Men's Trousers, reuniting the crew from Trainspotting for one last caper. (Tues 7:30 pm, Powell's City of Books, free)

Portland Mardi Gras Parade
Mysti Krew of Nimbus rides herd over the mass of bead-tossing humanity pouring down Mississippi like so many spilled Hurricanes in Portland's annual Mardi Gras party, starting at the corner of Mississippi and Humboldt, proceeding to the corner of Mississippi and Cook, and featuring a damn good time inbetween. (Tues, free)

B-Movie Bingo: Guardian Angel
Your monthly opportunity to literally check off a bingo card full of B-movie clichés! This month: Another powerful cinematic kick to the chin from the clock-cleaning queen of cock-knock, Cynthia Rothrock! 1994's Guardian Angel, from directorial heavyweight Richard W. Munchkin, tells the story of Cynthia Rothrock, ex-cop, who has to whip much ass by land, sea, and air, whatever gets the job done. Co-starring Acapulco H.E.A.T.'s Lydie Denier, and if you're the kind of person whose pulse quickens at seeing a mention of Acapulco H.E.A.T. anywhere, you're probably on your way to the box office right now. As you should be. (Tues 7:30 pm, Hollywood Theatre, $7-9) BOBBY ROBERTS

Arthur C. Lee, The Loved, Hawkeye Pierce
Portland singer/songwriter Arthur C. Lee brings his twangy and melodic indie rock out to Turn! Turn! Turn! to head up an free hometown show along with The Loved and Hawkeye Pierce. (Thurs 8 pm, Turn! Turn! Turn!, free)

This One's For Dilla
The annual Dig a Pony tribute to one of the best beatmakers that ever lived, J. Dilla, featuring sets full of the man's immersive instrumentals as spun by House Shoes and Rev. Shines. (Thurs 9 pm, Dig a Pony, free)

MDC, The Dislocaters, The Breach
While MDC (Millions of Dead Cops, Millions of Damn Christians, Multi Death Corporation, etc.) frontman and founder Dave Dictor might not be the most famous name in punk rock history, his influence is among the most important. Forming in the early ’80s in San Francisco, MDC was among the earliest hardcore bands to confront homophobia, transgender rights, animal rights, and contribute to the then-unlikely alliance of punk rock and political activism. The Long Island-born singer has called Portland home since 1995, and continues to tour with MDC, albeit with an ever-changing lineup. Although over three decades have passed since Dictor first picked up a microphone, the issues he’s speaking out against are just as relevant, and his voice is just as powerful. (Thurs 8:30 pm, Twilight Cafe & Bar, $7) SANTI ELIJAH HOLLEY

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