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Staying home, staying safe, and being smart about slowing the spread of COVID-19 is the best way to ensure we all get through this coronavirus crisis together. That means seeing some serious changes in our day-to-day, and that doesn't stop at masking up, socially distancing, and just generally being more conscientious and careful. We're also talking about things like "watching TV" and "Going to the movies" and "catching a concert."

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All those things are still happening, but now they're happening inside your house via the sudden swarm of entertainers, artisans, and other inspiration-filled folks harnessing the power of home studios to keep hearts filled, minds opened, sides split, and booties finely shaken.

Which is where we come in, with our Livestream calendar, combed through and filled with some of the finest online-only entertainment options available. We've been trying to keep your days plotted out via our regular weekly/weekend Things to Do roundups, but if your particular streaming itch isn't getting scratched there, the Livestream Calendar awaits, with even more options, be they intimate coffehouse-style concerts, stand-up sets, watch parties, cooking demonstrations, even just someone sitting down and reading to you for awhile—these streams are a key way to stay connected, and to support people who need that support so they can come through the other side of this with us.

Click here to look at the Mercury Livestream Calendar!

So if you're done with a Netflix binge, or are on the hunt for the latest live-and-direct dance night from one a favorite DJ, check the Mercury livestream calendar and see what interesting adventures await. And if you're an artist putting on a livestreamed show and you don't see it in our cal, make sure to drop us an email and let us know all about it!