When COVID-19 forced businesses to close their doors in droves back in March, many local farmers markets went on hiatus, too. But as the region began to re-open into Phase One, markets started coming back, some with online ordering, and all with social distancing guidelines. In fact, for many who have come to see going inside of a supermarket as a fraught endeavor, getting fresh goods in the open air from local vendors seems like a great solution to getting your weekly shopping done. So visit the links below, and then visit these markets!

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Locations that offer online preorders are marked with an asterisk (*).


*King Farmers Market
Through Nov 22, 10 am-2 pm
Located one block south of the Alberta Arts District, the King Farmers Market features over 25 vendors on Sundays offering farm-fresh and pre-made food items alongside artisanal (and arty) goods for sale. The market accepts cash, credit, SNAP, WIC checks, Senior Farm Direct vouchers, Veggie Prescriptions, and Fresh Change from Sisters of the Road.

Lents International Farmers Market
Through Nov 22, 9 am-2 pm
The "International" in the title isn't a mistake; in order to properly represent Lents' very diverse population, this neighborhood market features fresh and affordable locally-farmed-and-made goods from vendors of many different cultural backgrounds, and is one of the most important outlets for new and immigrant farmers. Accepts SNAP (with matching up to $10), WIC checks, Senior Farm Direct vouchers, Veggie Prescriptions, and Fresh Change from Sisters of the Road.

Montavilla Farmers Market
Through October, 10 am-2 pm
The always colorful and vibrant Montavilla market occupies the 7700 block of SE Stark, and offers up a bounty of fresh produce, baked goods, sustainable meats and eggs, plant starts, and specialty foods from up to 45 local vendors.

Sauvie Island Farmers Market
Through Oct 11, 9 am-2 pm
Setting up shop in Portland's beloved Pumpkin Patch every second Sunday, the Sauvie Island market seeks to strengthen the community and support both vendors tabling at their market and BIPOC farms and families in the area.

*Woodstock Farmers Market
Through Oct 25, 10 am-2 pm
A market meant to support local farmers and artisans, and to promote healthy eating and food education for community members, with vendors providing fresh produce, small-batch spirits, meal delivery, vegetables, herbs, fruits, pre-made meals, and much more. Vendors accept credit, debit, SNAP, WIC, and FDNP checks.


Come Thru! Black & Indigenous Market
Through Sept 21, 11 am-3 pm
One of the state's only Monday markets, open every other week, with BIPOC-only vendors ("Black and Indigenous folks to the front of the line," they say), featuring over 20+ vendors offering up their grown and custom-made goods, including food, drinks, gifts, and health/wellness products.


*Lloyd Farmers Market
Year-round, 10 am-2 pm
Held under the Oregon Square Courtyard's gazebo across the street from the 7th Ave MAX stop, and always full of fresh produce, vegetables, floral bouquets, and traditional prepared foods.


Kenton Farmers Market
Through Sept 30, 3pm-7pm
The music and live entertainment that used to liven up the neighborhood might not be present currently, but Kenton's mid-week market still specializes in that street-fair atmosphere. Accepts SNAP (with matching up to $10), WIC checks, Senior Farm Direct vouchers, Veggie Prescriptions, and Fresh Change from Sisters of the Road.

*Moreland Farmers Market
Through Oct 28, 2pm-6pm
Featuring fresh produce, flowers, cheese, meat, fish, and baked goods from multiple different farms and farmers, including gourmet prepared food on-site, as well as wines and spirits. Moreland also offers senior and children's nutrition/education programs, and will SNAP match every dollar up to $10.

Shemanski Park Market
Through Oct 28, 10 am-2 pm
Located across the street from the recently re-opened Portland Art Museum, the Shemanski Park Market features over 30 vendor stalls offering farm-fresh goods alongside pre-prepared food. Accepts SNAP (with matching up to $10), WIC checks, Senior Farm Direct vouchers, Veggie Prescriptions, and Fresh Change from Sisters of the Road


*South Waterfront Farmers Market
Through Oct 29, 2 pm-7 pm
Every Thursday this summer, Elizabeth Caruthers Park turns into a place where local farmers and community members can come together and relax amidst a plethora of fresh produce options, as well as an opportunity to enjoy and take home artisanal one-of-a-kind goods. The market accepts SNAP, and will match SNAP purchases up to $10.


Cedar Mill Farmers Market
Through Oct 31, 9am-2pm
Cedar Mill's vendors make sure their fresh goods go through a short supply chain, ensuring the produce and food products are going through as few hands as possible before getting to your basket. The market accepts WIC and SNAP, and will match SNAP purchases up to $10.

*Hollywood Farmers Market
Year-round, 8am-1pm
A wide selection of local goods ("everything for your Saturday night feast" is how they put it) from up to 50 vendors making produce, meat, dairy, fish, and pre-prepared foods available. Vendors accept credit, debit, SNAP, WIC, and FDNP checks.

*PSU Farmers Market
Year-round, 8:30am-2pm
Located in the South Park Blocks between SW College & Montgomery, the year-round PSU Farmers Market is all about making sure the best local goods from the most conscientious farmers and makers get to your table, and even goes so far as to provide recipes and guides on how to prepare them for maximum deliciousness. SNAP/Oregon Trail accepted.

Side Yard Farm Collaborative BIPOC Market
Monthly, 10am-3pm
A Farmers market for BIPOC vendors around the city, including farmers, artisans, and makers, offering up goods including food, arts, flowers, medicinal herbs, sauces, desserts, and so much more. No mask? No entry.

St Johns Farmers Market
Through Oct 31, 9am-2pm
A community market focused on promoting new and emerging vendors, with a wide range of local produce and foods from over 30 farmers and makers in the area. Offers a Veggie Voucher program for low-income households, and accepts SNAP with matching up to $10.