Our president's insistence on occupying Portland with armed federal officers against the will of the city's residents and its leaders has led to a loud, vocal, and growing counter-response in the form of highly populated protest actions. This weekend provides plenty of opportunities to exercise your First Amendment rights, either through organized discussions about how best to dismantle racist power structures, or via in-person gatherings and marches against police brutality, white supremacy, and our constitution-defying federal government.

To stay updated on new events and actions, check out our Resistance & Solidarity calendar, and if you know of an action that isn't listed there, contact us to get it added. You can also stay up-to-date with the Mercury's latest protest coverage on Blogtown.


Black Lives Matter Rally
Every night, people looking to stand with Black Lives Matter, stand up against white supremacy, and fight police brutality, meet up at the (in-) Justice Center to make their presence felt and their voices heard.

Every Wednesday & Friday

Black Lives Matter Car Caravan
Bring signs, flags, and a willingness to stand with Black Lives Matter to this car caravan meetup, at which point different protest routes will be assigned and the caravan can begin.

Thurs July 23

We Will Not Be Silenced: The People's Response to Counter-Insurgency
A livestreamed conversation presented by the International League of People's Struggles - Portland, and in co-operation with member and allied organizations, (including reps from the All-African People's Revolutionary Party, Hurriyah Collective, BAYAN Portland, and Stand with Kashmir) focused on the impacts of counter-insurgency and surveillance.

NAACP: Stand on Portland
A gathering intended to pay tribute and honor to the late Rep. John Lewis, and Dr. C.T. Vivian, by reminding people of the reasons why people have been out in the streets for 50-plus days, and to refocus energies on combating institutionalized racism and injustice perpetrated by white supremacist power structures.

Community Sign Making
The IPRC hosts this free gathering for folks planning on protesting to make signs in support of Black Lives Matter, and against white supremacy and police brutality. Art supplies (and cold beverages) provided. Bring sign material to write on, and wear a mask.

Ride the Redline
A bike tour through North Portland, starting at Irving Park and teaching riders about the history of Black Portland, Black Portlanders, and how the neighborhoods you're riding through were shaped. Guest speakers include Nick Falbo of Portland Bureau of Transportation, Anjala Ehelbe of the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association, and Brenda Martin of YPT Portland. The ride will end at Stormbreaker Brewing for some socially distant drinks.

Marching for Housing Equity
In "the most gentrified city in the United States," the PDX Black Youth Movement will march from Irving Park to Alberta Park to raise awareness about housing equity in Portland. Attendees are asked to bring a mask in order to participate.

Fri July 24

Rose City Showcase: A Benefit for Don't Shoot PDX
A livestreamed fundraising concert featuring performances from Gray Wagon, Neeks, Lineage, Bexx, and Kelley, with proceeds from the evening's entertainment helping support the efforts of Don't Shoot PDX.

Feds Go Home Vigil
Portland Moms have moms too, and so the Raging Grannies are back on the street and leading this protest action to send the message you see in the title: Feds, go home.

Strength in Numbers
A protest action at Pioneer Courthouse Square seeking to turn "Portland's Living Room" into a 20,000-person-strong voice in support of Black Lives Matter, and then marching from there to the Justice Center.

Teachers Against Tyrants
Attendees are asked to wear their masks, wear green, and if you teach, bring a sign displaying what grade you're teaching, so everyone knows educators are out there supporting Black Lives Matter and fighting against the tyranny of unwanted federal occupation of Portland, police brutality, and institutionalized racism.

Chef Bloc March
A call to all food-service workers, chefs, cooks, and people in the industry to come together at Salmon Springs, in your work uniform, and march with those who stand with Black Lives Matter, and who stand against oppressive, white supremacist police and federal agents attempting to occupy the city. The march will move downtown and end at the Justice Center.

Sat July 25

What Does it Mean to Be an Abolitionist in 2020?
Critical Resistance presents this livestream discussion featuring guests and speakers from CR members in various cities talking about what abolition means in 2020 and how to get those goals accomplished.

Power to the People: Black Panther Party Legacy Tour
Kent Ford, founder of the Portland Black Panther Party chapter, will lead a walking tour of important sites in the organization's local history, telling personal stories of activism and community service. Only 12 people max are allowed on each socially distanced tour, and attendees are required to wear masks. The tour begins in the parking lot of Matt Dishman and will end at the Northeast Coalition of Neighbors.

Day of Action Against the Federal Invasion
Portland's contribution to the national protest action by youth abolitionists across the country, starting in Alberta Park and marching against the institution of policing and the thousands upon thousands of lives it has unjustly, and criminally, taken from families and communities. Lives like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Stephon Clark, Philando Castille, Eric Garner, Quanice Hayes, Patrick Kimmons, and Sean Monterrosa.

Educators for Equity March
A protest action on behalf of the city's educators, marching for Black Lives from Cathedral Park to Roosevelt High School. Attendees are asked to wear a mask, "Give space, and show up for Oregon's Black students and teachers."

Sun July 26

Families Demanding Feds Out of Portland
Raising Antiracist Kids PDX leads this protest action meeting at Salmon Street Fountain and marching to the Justice Center to show the strength of local families who don't want DHS goons invading the city.

BIPOC Virtual Art Auction
An opportunity to go online and support 25 BIPOC artists directly by purchasing their works across various mediums and styles, with money from the event also being directed towards Morrison Market and the Black United Fund.

Feds Out of PDX!
An online gathering led by PDX Persist, seeking to amplify voices of protesters withstanding the unconstitutional trampling of both people and fundamental rights. Attendees will be provided with an Action Guide featuring sample messaging, addresses, and a list of organizations to support.