Snore...wake me up if Man U comes to town. (not likely to happen.)
Was a fun game, and Bellamy was a great guy to heckle. He even shot some smack back to the crowd.
I'd rather watch Morelia a thousand times over than deal with a bunch of front running Man U fans who probably still think Ronaldo plays for them.
Awesome. I wish I could've seen this. To Brian and those who went, How did the game-and the Timbers-compare on grass as opposed to that crap turf?

I like Bellamy. He does great philanthropic stuff in Sierra Leone.
@two squatting women

The Timbers actually held their own for the most part. The first goal was lucky, the second was because Adebayor could jump a foot and a half higher than anyone on our backline. I'd put money on him being able to throw a basketball down on an 11 foot rim easy. Cronin was in the wrong spot to stop the third. The Timbers also had legitimate chances to put the ball in themselves several times but they were just off.

On grass? Well the ball didn't fly off the pitch and bounce all over the place like it does in PGE. U of P had Merlo's pitch in some of the best condition I've ever seen. It was beautiful.
@two squatting women and @BlackedOut

The field was spectacular. Really. They even ran the sprinklers for a quick five minute soak down right after warmups to keep the pitch nice and soft. With the sun going, it dried out nicely and looked like one big soft green bed. I know I've said it plenty, but Merlo is pretty amazing.

Also: @BlackedOut's additional description of the Man City goals are spot on. If you read the Prost Amerika recap, he's got a quote from Ross Smith that said Man City's first goal, "hit [Ireland] on the arse."
@ blacked out: lick my ManUtd loving ballz.
@ blacked out and eric cantona


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