I think you've posted the pictures in the wrong order.
You're right, they're fixed now - thanks for the catch.
as far as the fat monstrosity goes
my new motto is:

12 LANE?

The V-tower design reminds me of the antennae poking out from "My Favorite Martian".
Bait & switch.

Smack em Brian.
Here we go again. Libby has already cost the city tens of millions of dollars thanks to his asinine adoration of the fugly Memorial Coliseum; now we're going to have to pay for a more expensive but no-better-looking and no-more-practical bridge...

Are there any architects out there who are prepared to prioritize looks and function instead of 'architecturally innovative'? Or is it just every single member of the wider public?
Sorry, Stu, the Coliseum fight wasn't as one-sided as you portray, whatever you think of its appearance.
This ought to be good. There isn't any money to build the bridge so we need the Fed to kick it down. This is how it's going to work architects.

Oregon's delegation has already signaled they aren't going to be able to come up with the $4 billion + needed to build the fancy nice bridge everyone loves.

So they're going to come up with a number they can get the Fed to provide and then everyone in Oregon is going to cry about how the bridge they can pay for isn't as pretty as the fancy pretty bridge they want and someone is going to have to say tough shit. This is what we can afford and it will work.

Maybe Libby could design the toned down utilitarian bridge. He seems to have a certain fondness for the architecture of the 50s which was very utilitarian and stripped down. Maybe he could encase the bridge in a beautiful glass rectangular cube.

So what's going to happen is the architects are going to promise a fight and they're going to realize that nobody past city hall gives a damn about what they think.
Uhmm, this isn't the 12 lane CRC, this is a bike/ped/MAX/streetcar/bus bridge that will go near the Ross Island bridge, (which is an ODOT bridge, which explains why the bike/ped access sucks so bad, even though they just renovated it, and why we need a new one for MAX/streetcar as oppose to just putting rails in the existing road.)
The Vancouver airport/dog park/lawn would never let the CRC build anything near this pretty anyways.
Since when have we let a bunch of architects with no grounding in economic reality run anything?

I'm still waiting on the Libby plan to save the Memorial Coliseum. You know, the plan with actual numbers attached and financing that doesn't continue to cost the taxpayers an arm and a leg?

Where is the Mercury in asking that question?

There is reasons why there are project managers to tell architects NO on every project in history. Architects don't operate in reality (like the MC is a gorgeous building).

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