This project isn't going to happen in any form for at least 10 years. Do a study, check, recheck, restudy, take a vote, go back to the drawing board, do a study.

Does this sound like people itching to move ahead, or a bunch of bureaucrats trying to avoid taking any personal responsibility for this decision?

It just isn't going to happen in any form.
I think Sharon Nasset (sp?) said that they needed to redo the DEIS because of the environmental justice issues alone. (I was wondering how they were going to redo major parts of the design without a SDEIS, and it looks like I was right.)

Money, effects on congestion elsewhere: Those have been pretty much the talking points of everyone that says there is something wrong with our method so far.

The consensus that was reached in 2008 was actually pretty strong, but it had conditions on it, conditions that were not met, and then things fell apart.

Untested design: That one is new, I hadn't heard of it. Are they looking at other designs, or is this design one of the few that will work for putting it above tall ships and still below an airfield?
Sometimes I think that most of my posts fit in just fine with this username. Sad, isn't it?
Hi all , please feel free to check out my new article on the cost/green issues of placing a Park Roof on top of the CRC Bridge. Cheers…

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