>If you are able bodied and under the age of 40 and you are sitting in the front of the bus, you are an asshole.

Let us PLEASE keep in mind that a lot of people are not visibly disabled.

Also, my funnest trimet story: i was riding the MAX once, and somebody had spilled a drink on the window seat so I was sitting in the aisle seat. And this lady walked up and started yelling at me about how "SOME PEOPLE WOULD MAYBE LIKE TO SIT DOWN," so I stood up and said, "go ahead, you can have it." And then she sat down on the seat with the drink spilled on it.

That's what you get for making assumptions about why people sit where they do.
I haven't had a cold or seen any one vomit since I got a car two years ago and stopped using the bus. Also, why does the vegetarian ALWAYS get stuck behind the gross person eating fried chicken and jojos from Freddy's?
I would label the 15 the dirty hippy and SE hipster bus more than anything. I don't really care what people wear, do or eat as long as I DON'T HAVE TO FUCKING SMELL YOU. Some people really need a fucking bath. You smell like ass.

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