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Being prepared isn’t just for Scouts! Smart parents have a “go bag” stashed by the door, jam-packed with all the necessities needed to keep kids busy and sane during excursions. Note: Don’t go nuts. Pack LIGHT, and only the necessities. Find a bag about the size of a football with lots of pockets, and a shoulder strap so you can sling it over your shoulder and roll out. Here are your “go bag’s” must-haves:

1) Water:

Small bottles that don’t leak are a must. Weirdly, those animal-shaped “Krazy Kritters” vitamin drink bottles you find at the zoo and Pizza Schmizza are reusable, and leak less than those fancy CamelBaks.

2) Activities:

Think SMALL activity books, crayons, and a Ziploc with a few primary color markers. Matchbox cars and Polly Pocket dolls carry well—but limit the number. This isn’t Santa’s sack!

3) Protein/energy bars:

Pick something that conforms to your expectations of healthiness—but if kids won’t eat it, you have no one to blame but yourself for their meltdowns. Make sure you like eating them, too. (Avoid crackers, unless you want your car looking like a garbage dump.)

4) Pharmaceuticals:

A handful of wet wipes sealed in a Ziploc, Advil (for you), couple of tampons (maybe for you?), Band-Aids (for them), hair ties, lip balm, hand sanitizer, small pack of tissues... did I mention Advil?

5) Extra underpants:

Say no more.

6) Money and fake passport:

Carry a couple of bucks in quarters, and if you want to be super prepared, a forged passport. (Hey, you never know, right?)