Wm.β„’ Steven Humphrey Jan 18, 2017 at 4:00 am

A Guide to Not Only Surviving, But Taking Successful Action in the Time of Trump


A good piece, and I'm glad to see Indivisible get some coverage. If I could add one suggestion to supporting good reporting, I'd say employ critical thinking *always*, whether it's with a source you trust or some pugnacious pundit panting "Putinites!" 2016 has been like a final exam in fallacy and shoddy journalism: straw men, false choices, ad hominems and association fallacies ruled the land and our airwaves/tubes.

Start paying closer attention, study yer logic, and reject bad journalism and poorly argued pieces, call them out. And beware the Trump Hammer, the ultimate reverse association fallacy, which is when opposition to Trump or his positions is used to paint the opposition as necessarily good. I'm already seeing a lot of this one, and watching Democrats and journalists praise some especially repugnant figures who also happen to oppose Trump. ***It is very easy to be better than Trump.***

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