The Situation as moral crusader or shit stirrer? Not sure, not sure, but he definitely has some kind of "code".

Loved the feast too, it was a neat window into Italian culture. For a second the show got relevant.

Aaaaand, maybe I was hard on Vinny. I rarely watch the show, and by the time the end rolled around and he was pouting on the couch I was so disgusted by everything that I was yelling at my friend, "What's wrong with this guy? Isn't he supposed to be a player or something? He talked to that girl for like 5 minutes!" And he is like 21, and he did have his hopes pinned on her, and he remains the most sympathetic character on the show. (And I'd be lying if I said I've never been that guy, sulking on the couch after being stood up.)
The spray tan budget for this show must be immense.
Yeah, I've been that guy too. That's why I felt bad for him. The only difference is that I haven't been that guy since age 18.
Yeah, exactly.
I felt for Vinnie. It brought me back to that youthful state of mind where you fall too hard way too fast. He's still the most compelling person on the show. Or maybe he's just the least dickish. Either way, I see him cringing at his behavior in ten years. The Sitch in ten years will still be trying to bang 25 year-olds and will still be oddly territorial around women and his friends (his gank of Vinnie's girl at the club was his biggest dick move of the series. A close second was his semi-rapey, clutchy, grabby, dry-humpiness which forced the girl to leave).

It's also weird he sat and watched Paulie D have sex. The Sitch exhibits some homosexual tendencies. There, it's been said.

Quote of the show, courtesy of PD: "You never wanna have no chicks, so the best thing to do is, um, line up a bunch of chicks."

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