The onslaught of new Fall shows continue, with the return of one of my "you love it or hate it" faves…

Season premiere! The Gleetards are split when a... shudder... CHRISTIAN wants to join the club! PLUS! Says Robert Blanco of USA Today:

Don't tune in late, because Glee is at its humorous best in tonight's opening moments. With tongue firmly in cheek, it addresses and mocks most of the summer's Internet-fed rumors and complaints. Have you heard that one of the cast members may be difficult to work with, or no one likes it when Matthew Morrison raps, or some dismiss the musical performances as Auto-Tuned karaoke numbers that "sound like they come from a drag queen's iPod"? Apparently, so have the writers.

Debut! An awful name for what looks to be a great show! A dumb-as-rocks slacker (Lucas Neff) inherits a baby and tries to raise it with not very much help from his hilariously inept hillbilly family. This one has solid, prickly jokes that suck you in before b-slapping you with eye-moistening emotion. CHECK IT.

Debut! Again with the "Blank-ing Blank" titles! UGH! While this would seem to have serious potential because it comes from the creators of Arrested Development and stars Will Arnett (Gob from AD)—as a richie-rich trying to woo his former maid's hippie-dippy daughter (Felicity's Keri Russell)—the early reviews for this have been decidedly MEH.

10:00 ABC DETROIT 1-8-7
Debut! The Sopranos' Michael Imperioli stars as a complicated cop (are there any other kind) in this new ensemble police procedural based in—SURPRISE!—Detroit. Tune in to see if they can rise above the cliche.

Get ready for some glee-tarded tingles.

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