Great episode. A sense of this somewhat disparate season falling into place, a significant role for every character, and lots of genuine tension and drama.

Like Don Draper, I like to spend my nights drinking whiskey and staring at paintings by junkies.
  • Like Don Draper, I like to spend my night's drinking whiskey and staring at paintings by junkies.

Spoilers and discussion about this "doggy dog" world after the jump!

Mad Men makes me happiest when it tricks me. I feel like a scene or a plot line is contrived, and then they turn it on it's head. A good example of that would be the return of Midge. When we found out she's now a heroin addict, I was worried that the writer's were running low on ideas, but I loved Don handing her the cash, ripping up his useless check, taking a painting and walking away. Midge's line felt good, "It's nice to see you haven't changed."

And then there was Don's big move. Peggy, for once, inspired him, throwing his maxims back at him. The letter itself, the ad, was probably insane by the standards of the day. Cooper couldn't even try to live with it and I'm thinking he's gone for good. His goodbye to the creative staff was cute, shoes in hand. Goodbye Bertram Cooper, we are now officially in the future.

Another point where I got worried, the Bobby Kennedy call. It played right into my expectations for Don, he seems like a natural for politics, but I was also cringing thinking, "Too heroic. Too perfect." Thank you, Ted Chaough. That was a good one.

The heavy emphasis on the office and the city this year has made the home drama of Ossining seem a little out of place, but Kiernan Shipka is finally becoming a convincing actress and her home wars with Betty have taken on a new edge. She knows she's more mature than her own mother, and she has an adult on her side. Plus two confidants.


When I saw Glen in that football jersey I lost it. Loved him dropping the Cokes and running away from Betty. She is a monster.

And finally Don makes good on his debt to Pete. My friends hate that I love Pete so much. I point out that Don loves him too. They find this unconvincing.

On the whole I like where the show is heading for next year. I feel like this has been a very internal season. Each year Don is thrown off the rails, only to climb back on. This year they took him pretty far, but he's back in control, it seems. (As far as being a drinking cheating arrogant liar is being "in control," at least.)

Fun stuff besides Glen's shoulder pads...

A little look from Faye after their consultant made a crack about wives.

Megan taking the call from Senator Kennedy. She is Don's #1 fan. She wants to believe in him so bad.

John Slattery directed again. He has a good eye for really showing off the design, making the show look like a surreal, doll house soap opera. Some shots were very obvious (Megan in the background between Faye and Don) but the two episodes he's done have shown some of the best acting in the series.

Good bye Danny Strong. I will miss watching you barely top Jon Hamm's pecs. (Danny Strong topping Jon Hamm's pecs. Hmmmm...)

Oh yeah. Good pun with the title.