So if you are a sexually active woman over 25 that automatically makes you a Coug?????? I'm confused??? Clearly???
Fist a cougar...
At some point(s) in our history someone coined such terms as, Taciturn, Insouciance, and Onomatopoeia. Now we have, Cougar, Stay-cation, and FAIL! Now that the Family Circus is finally being made into a feature film, i think we can all agree we're living in a golden age!
Is there a male equivalent to Coug? If so, what's the word for that phenomenon?
There isn't, SF. Men are allowed to be sexually active after 40 without being compared to wild predatory animals. However, if you leer at and harass women past the age of 60, you may qualify as an Old Goat (how cute and harmless!).
S.F. + Ovidius:

There is a male equivalent, and it's "silver fox".

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