I'm bummed. Elmer Lynn Hauldren—a.k.a. the bespectacled fellow from the semi-ubiquitous Empire Carpet commercials—is dead. He was 89. Hauldren spent half his life lending his likeness and/or voice to the company's jingle-rific TV spots.* And it was all kind of a lucky accident.

Maybe I care only because I grew up in Chicagoland, where Empire started and where you couldn't go nearly a single commercial break on the UHF dial without seeing his face. But thanks to the wonders of cable and satellite television, I bet half of you daytime-TV-loving bums from parts elsewhere can sing the song, too.

*This is funny: According to one friend who knows someone who actually knew Hauldren back in Chicago, despite his years of loyal service, he apparently "wouldn't carpet his garage" with Empire's wares.