While many of you want nothing to do with Glee anymore, it should be noted that in tomorrow night's season finale (FOX, May 24, 9 pm) the Gleetards will be performing a special a cappella rendition of Usher's "Yeah"—a version originally arranged by the University of Oregon's all-gal a cappella troupe Divisi. (YAY! Sort of hometown girls make good!) HOWEVER! The Glee producers were ready to run the song UNCREDITED... that is until a vocal a cappella community (GET IT??) kicked up such a fuss that the muckety-mucks finally relented, thereby restoring balance to the a cappella universe! Hoorah! ANYWAY. If you're still too proud to give Glee another chance (and who can blame you?), check out the original all-vocal arrangement of "Yeah" by the U of O's Divisi group. You'll see why Glee wanted to lift it—because IT IS FUCKING GREAT.

Hat tips to Pop Culture Brain!