I enjoyed volunteering as an extra in several films (Lord of Illusions, Jackie Brown, Phantasm: Oblivion) so I could just go for one day and leave whenever I liked. Luckily I never had to do extra work for money, as I know it can be a tough gig.
I was in a Keno commercial about 15 yrs ago and got a hundred bucks and a huge prime-rib lunch, but YOU got to learn about 'wizard staff'. I have wasted a long time not playing that game.
You bastard did you swing that. All I can claim (extra wise) is Body Of Evidence. and yes, Madonna is really short. As for you Intern person, I wish you the best in whatever you wish to do as long as it is not writing or journalism. I want the 4 minutes I spent reading this crap back
@The Showstopper: Living in L.A. for years helped. Once you're down there it's pretty easy to get to know people involved in the film industry on at least a bottom-feeder level and then to hear about opportunities.

I just found out yesterday that my wife was an extra in "Black Sunday" (yes, in a stadium scene). I THOUGHT I KNEW HER!

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