Probably one of the top 5 "HOLY SHIT!!!" moments in TV history.
Someone leaked that image a few days before it aired and I clicked on a link to it in a discussion on last week's episode. I've never been so disappointed at having something spoiled for me.
I loved that the episode was named "Face Off."

The Gus scream prior to the face shredding packed as much emotion as any one moment this season. Brilliant.

Satisfying finale? Absolutely. Not sure I'm as satisfied Walt "won" mostly because Gus (and secondarily, Tio) has been one of the great TV characters. He took the meticulous, (mostly) dispassionate villain to new heights. That and Walt so perfectly straddled the line between sympathetic and pathetic.

Despite saving himself and his family from certain death in pretty damn heroic fashion, Walt still can't help gloating "I won!") like a wimpy, insecure eight-grader who finally musters the courage to let the air half out of the bully's bike tires.
I never made it past the third episode of the first season. I like edgy and dark entertainment as much as the next guy, but the body dissolving in muriatic acid in the bathtub, then falling through to the first floor was enough for me. The finale of season 3 of Sons of Anarchy, though... That was pretty killer.
Re: Walt's proclamation of "mission accomplished." I think he may have forgotten at least one thing: Mike?
SHIT. Totally forgot about Mike! And I love Mike, too. Shows how engrossing things were.
Also Re: Mission accomplished, even though the head guy (head guy-hehe) is dead, it's hard to believe there will be no angry blowback from someone along the multi-million dollar chain.
All the talk of Walt doing things for his family.. I think we left that behind quite a while ago, and "I won" is the first admission of it. This isn't about them now, it's about Walt. It's fun to see him lie to himself about it, but even he must be figuring it out a little now, right?

Best show on TV, best finale in a decade!
Mike's a badass, but he's a soldier. His loyalty is to his troops, not necessarily to Gus. I don't think Mike's going to be happy about being out of a job for the moment, but I don't think he gave enough of a shit about Gus to go seek vengeance for him.
Damn, now we have to wait a whole year to find out!
The writers sure have their work cut out for em next season. There are a grip of side stories they could go off of without even involving any meth cooking. 1. Where's Mike, was he just a hired gun, how loyal is he? 2. Will Jesse somehow come to discover that Walt happened to have the same poisonous plant responsible for the kid? 3.What about the slip & fall incident with Skylars ex-boss? 4. Does Hank get to finally prove his case about the mega lab?
I thought the poison was used to kill the cartel members in Mexico, so I was very confused by the risin storyline that popped up later. If Jesse had the risin in his cigarettes still, what did they use to kill the cartel guys?
Unless they can gin up a Walt vs. Jesse showdown, it's hard to see where 16 more episodes will go. Presumably Gus's disappearance takes a lot of money out of a lot of pockets, so maybe somebody else -- someone we've only glimpsed? -- will show up to avenge Gus and/or take over his decapitated enterprise. I hope it's Sal. Sal is gold.

I can't see Mike giving a damn -- he only endured Gus because he's such a soldier. I don't think he cares enough about Walt to even bother to kick his ass again. He kinda sorta has a man-crush on Jesse now, but that's not worth 16 episodes.

They'll do something, I just hope it isn't 16 episodes about the travails of running a car wash.

PS it's always been about Walt. And always will be. He's the jackass that got Hank on his own trail, if anyone remembers the dinner scene at all from earlier in the season. And it's probably his downfall.

My guess is the final season will focus on the dynamics between Jessie and Walt with Walt being the last villain standing. The laundry mat was blown to bits, and its the last place Hank left his scent. I'm betting the season will pit Hank/DEA against Walt in some way, pitting Jessie and Walt against each other, and ultimately Walt against the world.

I love this show and I hope I'm wrong -- the brilliance of this show is because it's hard to predict at times. Yay gusface.gif
Nestchick: The poison used to kill the cartel was one already added to the bottle of liquor by Gus or Mike.

(FYI: Walt straight up lied to Jesse when he said that the risin could have been lifted while he was cooking at the laundrymat, bc again it was something only Walt/Jessie knew about and Jesse fell for it)

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