Good morning zombies, and the people who like to bash zombies in the brains with shovels and/or baseball bats! It's time for The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club, where members discuss last night's episode, and argue vociferously over the most appropriate methods of decapitating the undead. My thoughts and spoilers lie after the jump, and your smarty-pants comments and observations lie in the comments! So get your Louisville Slugger and LET'S DO THIS.

Oh! Right! Send the Asian guy down the well!
  • "Oh! Right! Send the Asian guy down the well!"

Courtesy AMC

So here's what I'm thinking...

1) Is allowing Asian Glenn to have sex with the hot farmer's daughter a good tradeoff for forcing him to go down into the zombie well? Related: Is "going down into the zombie well" a metaphor for having post-apocalyptic sex?

2) Wow. That whole "zombie well" plan was the most half-ass-baked plan I've ever heard in my life—and I work for the Mercury! What? They couldn't dangle a live dog (preferably a pug or corgi) down that hole??

3) Thank god somebody worth looking at finally decided to have sex—although I think this scene clearly shows that the makers of The Walking Dead have no idea how to film sex scenes. SAH-NOOOOOZE!

4) I don't like my racists to be poetic.

5) Anything with Rick and son: SAH-NOOOOOOZE!

6) Now that Shane has shaved his head, all he needs are white eyeballs and a banjo, and he's ready for the Deliverance remake.

7) Five bucks says that not only will Shane completely forget about capping the fatso back at the school, it will never be mentioned again.

8) Soooo Lori is preggo with Shane's baby. Five bucks says this will not make her any more interesting.

9) My vote for current top two annoying characters are Blondie McIwannagunerson, and Farmer McImnotadocI'mavet.

10) That fat zombie ripping apart was pretty sweet. But did that zombie look familiar to you, too? I think it was a grownup version of this guy.

11) OH! Did anyone watch Hell on Wheels? What did'ja think?

Oh! Right! Make the Asian guy have sex with the hot chick. Wait. WHAT AM I SAYING??
  • "Oh! Right! Make the Asian guy have sex with the hot chick. Wait. WHAT AM I SAYING??"

Courtesy AMC