Earlier this fall I worked two days as a paid extra (waaay in the background) for Grimm. According to the description, it sounds like tonight's (Friday's) episode is the one in which I participated. I will dutifully DVR the presentation to see how many HD pixels I occupy. I'm overweight, so that improves the odds of visibility. :-)

I met someone else while working who got called back to be in the episode that commandeered a streetcar. That episode has already broadcast (like many shows, the productions aren't necessarily filmed in linear episode order).

I do like that they've taken over most of the old Customs House building (still for sale, again!) as a Police HQ set. The set decorators have put in a lot of little details, like decals on the windows and signage. I actually wonder if sometime a stranger in town might need police assistance, and run into the building with all the signs, police cars, and people in police uniforms. (Or worse, show up needing assistance when the building is closed.)
Once again, the Mercury provides a valuable service to its community. I hope this is a reoccurring feature. I lol'd.
Oh man. Now I'm gonna have to watch this show. I haven't seen an episode yet, although I caught the first few minutes last night. I said the same things about raves, then turned it off. But I'll watch the rest because I must support my fellow commenters-turned-tv-bloggers!
This is a bad show. My wife watches every week because she gets a thrill out of seeing Portland locales. That is an interesting feature. But otherwise, very little compelling about it. Unlike our reviewer, I actually prefer Portlandia, (which I also wouldn't watch if it wasn't about Portland).
I'd be more interested in this show if they'd take a page from the twilight playbook: feature werewolves in 100% more shirtless situations.
Fruit Cup, dude, please dont encourage more werewolves fans OR vampires fans. Uhm, think about not cliched fit policeman with ninja skills in tight party short pants going after crime so we can all watch it. (am really fed up with the werewolves and vampires stuff)

I havent read any posts about Grimm cuz its on my list about series to watch and follow. How can I not watch Portlandia, the first 2 seasons should be sent on a super adamantium hologram player (captain americas shield material) to outer space with the 5 first records of Led Zep in case the world ends in 2012 as a proof of human culture and everything else you wanna fill in the blanks.
It's very important to the progress of America that there are shirtless werewolves Leaky. I don't make the rules.
I know. Good for me I know. But there has to be a turn around sometime. Soon.

I want to like Grimm, because a friend of mine works as an extra on it. It also looks great. However, I don't feel a thing for any of the characters. A show co-created by a Buffy and Angel alumnus shouldn't leave me cold.
"Super adamantium"?! I beg your pardon, but Captain America's shield is vibranium. Jesus Christ, people, this is why we can't have nice things. Like shows featuring Portland that are worth watching out of more than morbid curiosity.
This article is written in such typical Portland hipster style. Why is everyone here too cool for everything (unless it totally sucks and nobody likes it of course... Wait, then you should like Grimm right?)? The other day I saw written on the bathroom wall at Powell's Books, "The hipsters have won!" It's a shame they're too cool for whatever the prize is. Enjoy your man cake at Stepping Stones. Oh're probably too good for man cakes now that they've been featured on mainstream TV...

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