Though those goddamn Limeys in England have already seen the first episode of season two of the wholly fantastic Sherlock, I figure we can call it even—after all, we did steal their country. HOWEVER! We won't have to wait too long for the second outing of this modern-day reboot of the literary detective; PBS has announced Sherlock season two will debut here in May. AND it better contain the nudie scenes (one of which involves star Benedict Cumberbatch wrapped only in a sheet in the middle of Buckingham Palace).
If you haven't seen the first three episodes of Sherlock, check them out here. (OR if you're that kind of person, here's a site that includes the first season as well as, ahem, a certain season two, episode one for those who can't wait. Have you already watched it online? Feel free to have a spoilery discussion of the first ep of season two in the comments! NOBODY ELSE LOOK!)