I rarely if ever construct blog posts based on a specific commenter's likes or dislikes—HOWEVER! Here is some news that seems specifically designed to make commenter and Blogtown's Thursday night TV recapper Joneser* squee with glee. Vulture has got the exclusive sneak peek into who exactly will be running against Leslie Knope in this coming season of Parks and Recreation, and that person is...

Paul Rudd! The star of films such as I Love You, Man and Role Models will appear in at least one upcoming episode of Parks and Recreation, Vulture has learned. Nobody from the show or NBC would confirm the casting, but our industry sources say Rudd shot his scenes late last year. That likely means his appearance will come sometime within the next month.

Okay Joneser (and anybody else who would like to join her): SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!


*Brand new NBC shows, including Parks and Rec return this Thursday! Be sure to tune in on Friday for Joneser's excellent recaps.