Sawdust = Fiber One = Choke on *this.* = murder!
It was as good as the average episode of Kolchak, so quit being so picky. But, yeah, the girlfriend is boring, even more boring that our heroic Grimm himself, which takes some doing. Anyway, everyone mocks white plastic spoons until one day when they just can't find any.
As a film professional, I want to support Grimm. Unfortunately, (like Leverage and Portlandia) it is painfully bad and I can't forgive that just because the show is shot in Portland.
I liked this episode of Grimm. I think it opened all kinds of new trails for the show to unfold. Maybe it was some kind of transitional episode if you want to use tech words, I just thought it was awesome. Am hoping Monroe and Nick dont go apeshit and start messing everything up for themselves.
I could not agree more about Juliet. I'm hoping that she's secretly evil, and this whole "being really boring" thing she does is an intentional ruse. Wouldn't that be grand?

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