So—a site devoted to young, broke, hipster-livin' in Brooklyn—is obviously very enamored with Portlandia... enough so they've decided to make a "tribute" video called Brokelandia. In it, a pseudo-Fred and Carrie try to one-up each other in regards to what they have and have not eaten in Brooklyn (a parody of Portlandia's first season sketch, "Did You Read It?") This video has a couple of jokes that may be considered amusing by some. That being said, here are three reasons I want to kill everyone and everything involved in this project.

1) Unfunny shows do not deserve tribute videos.
2) This is not a "tribute"—it's the same sketch with a few words changed.
3) I have not spent enough time in Brooklyn to make a fair judgment, but if the people who made this are good representations of those who live there, we need to wall it off and turn it into a penal colony. (Escape from New York, holla!)