Also, the silent guy at their table is just not very handsome.
What the ugh.
You forgot:

4. Portlandia and Brokelandia mock me and people like me and this makes me angry but I only express my anger through passive-aggressive means.


5. As a hipster, I have to be "over" things that have become popular because that makes them less cool, hence I must proclaim that the show is "boring" and "unfunny."
I was going to post the "huh huh huh you hipsters just don't think its funny cuz its about you huh huh huh always with the bikes and teh vegan foods and huh huh huh you all alike" comment, but it seems I was beaten to it.
You were beaten to it by an equally passive-aggressive person who seems to hate hipsters but loves to read publications that tend to lean "hipster."

If there is one group in this town that deserves more ridicule than hipsters, it's the aging angry people who cannot tolerate watching people with their whole lives ahead of them having fun.
This popcorn is delicious, but I am highly suspicious of its health content.
"This video has a couple of jokes that may be considered amusing by some."

Thanks for the kind words! And to the commenter claiming that the silent guy is not very attractive, Tim is actually quite dreamy and great at puns. So now you know!

u mad
Yes, because mocking hipster douchebags and their faux meh = being angry, and constantly complaining about Portlandia = having fun. And Grandpa = defensive. Too close to home, huh?
I want to laugh at this, I'm even a huge "exploring new foods" fan, but I didn't find this entertaining at all.
How you gonna be broke AND have the latest smartphone AND pay the monthly cell bill+data AND have coffee out?!

=not truly broke
i like it more than portlandia, only because of the joke about eating a baby

(...that was a joke about eating a baby, right?)
Wanted to hate it, thought it was pretty cute. Well done.
@3 ugh, but at least you are honest/sarcastic. As for you Humphrey
1) the show is just don't like that it makes fun of people like you and part of your readership
2) pretty much, yes only the characters are actually uglier and dorkier, so points for that
3) I lived in Brooklyn pre hipsterfication. Brooklyn is cool. Hipsters have never been cool and never will be despite all the effort to do so and self belief that they are. Hipsters fucking suck . "Trying" to be outside and different is lame, especially since you are a virtually identical stereotype. This town is still good, because like Brooklyn these asshats are not the majority. Thank God
Re: the argument about this video as a portrayal of Brooklyn

Re: comments about the attractiveness of the actors, jesus christ do you hear how vapid and terrible you sound? why are you looking to be attracted to people in a COMEDY sketch?

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