Here's some Thursday Night TV news! Ready... GO!!

Some are reporting that Rainn Wilson's Dwight character from The Office is scheduled for 2013 spin-off into his own "family-centered" show! BLECHHHHHH!!! (Thank god his Twitter seems to claim otherwise.)

Alec Baldwin of 30 Rock tells Piers Morgan he was "very, very sorry" about his outburst on that American Airlines flight, and... GODDAMN! Alec looks fantastic!

And speaking of saying things you shouldn't say, here's a mashup of "Shit Liz Lemon Says."

And finally, there's nothing like seeing Parks and Rec's Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally sing a country and western "creationist" song called "Wings of a Dragon." WATCH THIS FOR AN IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENT OF YOUR DAY!

And tune in tomorrow for Joneser's consistently entertaining Thursday Night TV Recap for Poor People (that's you)!