• "Gulp."
As repeatedly mentioned here and here, the NBC show Fear Factor (hosted by unfunny human tool Joe Rogan) was supposed to showcase contestants drinking a glass of donkey semen, chased down by a glass of donkey urine—but the network got cold feet and yanked the episode the day it was supposed to air. HOWEVER! That doesn't mean that the pre-taped episode didn't happen! TMZ has the details of twin contestants Brynne and Claire Odioso's reaction to slurping down a thick, viscous glass of donkey sperm.

According to Claire, producers left the semen sitting out all day in the hot sun — and by the time she got to drinking it, it was boiling hot ... which made the smell unbearable.

Claire said it was extremely bitter going down ... "with hints of hay" — and she vomited several times before successfully drinking the entire glass.

As for how the donkey stuff compares to the human variety — Claire added, "It's a lot thicker."