Birdman said "a lot of people" were responsible for the death of Nick's parents, or something like that. Kind of a "Woodstock" of Grimm-reaping implied? (Upstate New York, right?) So maybe Nick will get scenes later where he can glower at *other* creatures who killed mom and dad.

I enjoyed it until the ending. Had no problem with Hitler being affected by the coins, but to imply that he wasn't human? Bad. Offensive. Lets humankind off the hook for the worst crimes of the last century. Somebody should've scotched the idea at the story meetings.

And that's leaving aside the stupidity of having Nick be able to see that people are monsters on film...makes movie nights interesting, I suppose. "Hey, six of those munchkins are mole-people!"

It's a fantasy show, I know, but get a grip, guys!

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