Almost there, guys! Community returns a week from today (March 15) and to get you wet and ready, after the jump there's an AH-MAZING trailer for season three! (Unfortunately, it's one of those annoying "auto start" videos which is why it's after the jump.) You really want to see it though, because it will make you want to camp out in a line outside your TV until next week's premiere.

But first! Why not check out a quick clip from the March 15 premiere that's not only a blistering critique of the institution of marriage, but also redefines the literal definition of "analogy"? We really do need to redefine that word. And Britta's got the right idea!!

NOW! Watch that amazing trailer I was talking about after the jump!

P.S. Tune in tomorrow for Joneser's "Thursday Night Recaps for Poor People!" (That's you, btw.)