I've been on vacay for the past few days, which means I haven't been able to talk to you about showrunner Dan Harmon being shit-canned from Community! First of all... ARE YOU MAD? Because canceling the show would be a less infuriating move from NBC and Sony Television than firing Harmon and replacing him for what will surely be the last season. And the way they did it—by sending out a press release—was idiotic and indefensible.

BUT! In NBC's defense, while it may appear that Community is wildly popular—and it certainly is amongst its internet following—Rob Schneider's abysmal sitcom Rob had better ratings this season (OUCH!) and it got canceled. And c'mon... while Dan Harmon may be wildly creative, his sense of humor can be distancing at times, and he doesn't seem to care two poops about adjusting it.

That being said—NBC and Sony should've cut the cord and ended it, because unless Matthew Weiner is taking over Community, no one will have any further interest in this show. The bottom line is, and always shall be, money. By extending the series one more season, that gives these corporations more to sell when it comes to syndication rights.

So what are you gonna do? Refuse to watch next season and any subsequent syndicated repeats, or attempt to rise above it all, and give Community 2.0 a chance?