[Apparently Wm. Steven Humphrey woke up this morning in his circular bed, stretched languidly on his leopard-print sheets, and DECIDED TO SPOIL GAME OF THRONES FOR EVERYONE. I'm putting this post after the jump—interested amputees, be advised that pursuing this job opportunity involves a pretty major GoT spoiler. - AH]

UPDATE: [Apparently Alison Hallett is under the woefully incorrect impression that SHE'S the goddamn editor of this filthy rag and not ME, so I'm putting this post BACK where it deservedly belongs, because only a four-eyed asthmatic nerdling who doesn't have anything better to do with his/her life (not necessarily Alison, but you know...) would think this post is anything resembling a SPOILER. Read it or don't, I don't give a shit. But NOBODY marginalizes Wm. Steven Humphrey, prickholes! NOBODY. — WSH]

According to the New York Post, an Irish casting agency is currently looking for male amputees to perform in the infamous "Red Wedding" massacre (that left thousands dead) in an upcoming episode of HBO's Game of Thrones! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Says NYP:

“Seeking LEG ONLY, MALE AMPUTEES,” reads the notice posted this week on an Irish casting Web site.

Interested actors are required to send “a clear description regarding where your limb is missing eg. at knee, at ankle, etc.”

Need more specifics? Sure.

“You must be OK and comfortable with filming a scene within the context of a battle where your leg has been injured,” the notice says.

“Prosthetic makeup will be applied as though your leg has newly been severed. We understand that this is not for everyone, so please only apply if you are happy to participate.”

IF you're happy to participate? This is the best thing to happen to amputees, like, ever!

Robb Stark Wants YOU!
  • Robb Stark Wants YOU!