Vanessa Bayer is form Portland??? My crush on her just increased 1000%!!!!!
Oh, right....
I heard that Danny Belrose is going to make another appearance this next season. That guy's awesome.
It would last if they had Portland writers to Portland shit up the real Portland way.
When are they going to do some sketches about the West side. Damn near every sketch is about the East side.
They could do a sketch entirely on this thread.
You'll know when they've finally run out of local celebrities to feature, by the time they get down the list to Mike Scheckla, the Portland Trail Blazer's mascot, "The Hippy Fan".
The west side looks and acts like every slightly hilly suburb in america. Nothing to see or write about over there.
I think Portlandia should do a bit about ranting on I/Anonymous. Have Fred and Carrie and their many other characters they play type rants and freak out by the comments they receive. Of course then they all become commenters and count their likes and dislikes. It could be cute.
Will every sketch on Portlandia still revolve around one joke repeated ad nauseum? Maybe one where Fred Armisan makes silly faces or talks in a goofy voice?
^^Damn it, they are on to us!
It takes 12 hours of filming to get 15 seconds of just the RIGHT silly face.
"ad nauseam", please. Accusative case.
No the West Side is a slightly hilly suburb that thinks the East Side is crazy. Which is why it is primed for Comedy Gold?
Jeff Tweedy is from Belleville Illinois, and last I knew he was living in Chicago. How the fuck is he a "Portland Native?"

More shit to remind me how fucking lame that show is.

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