"He’s taught her well. "

Nope. Remember when the Hound put down that dying farmer? The Hound was never cruel. Mean and an asshole? Sure, but never cruel. Arya's reaction makes you think she has a heart of stone. *wink*

But then, this is mutherfucking ASOIAF and no-one stays dead. Unless you burn their body or whatever. The Hound will be back in book six.
Who is Lady Not-Appearing-In-This-Episode?
A+ season finale. Completely agree about the Hound-Brienne fight scene. I applauded. Couldn't help myself.
I was waiting for Lady Not-Appearing-In-This-Episode, too!
@Graham: Arya took the Hound's cash and left him, just like he robbed the farmer earlier in the season. It was a total "I learned it from watching you" moment.
@Joe: In that situation, the farmer wasn't dying. Arya learned the pragmatism of thievery but not the honor of ending suffering. But she's gonna learn all about how to handle people who are asking for death pretty soon. Valar morghulis, etc.
I freaked out for a few minutes, I thought Hodor & company were headed for the center of Carcosa..
Nice nod to Princess Bride with the "big guy." Miracle Max as the maester?

(from Tara's dad)

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