Aren't you worried about Rick? I predict much more motorhome mayhem. And I don't know how far I would read into the gun issue. I think if I were facing hordes of zombies, I would want one. Wouldn't you?

Now as far as our esteemed, lawmaker, leaders on high... That would be another question. As long as they had their impenetrable bunkers to retreat to, would they give a s*** about whether the rank-and-file had guns?

But what about after our pompous, self-righteous leaders Have finally decimated our country and trashed Our reputation So far that the hordes of humans from other countries that hate us Come to our shores. Maybe they Might then Want to have the rank-and-file armed?

Now there's an idea for a series, Eh?

But either scenario would probably not work out so well for all of us As well as them. If all of our leaders were forced to spend too much time confined together They would eventually turn on each other like a pack of zombies Anyhow, And then what?

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