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For those of you who know better than to go out on Halloween—there are monsters out there! And children!—at least you have a humdinger of a show to check out: the debut of Ash vs. Evil Dead on Starz, Sat Oct 31, 9 pm. The beloved Bruce Campbell returns to his most famous role as Ash Williams, the buffoonish hunter of all things "horror." But is this series worthy of a reboot? Let's go to the early reviews, and find out!

From CinemaBlend:

Ash vs Evil Dead is the rare film-to-TV adaptation that convincingly proves no other continuation of this story could have been better. It honors the films that came before it – sometimes metaphorically and sometimes literally – and serves as a reminder why they were great while standing on its own as one of the best horror shows on TV. Ever. From the music to the direction to sequences that could legitimately cause nightmares, Ash vs Evil Dead is a neverending delight that will likely find zero detractors, and those that do surface should run and hide somewhere deep in the woods.

From the New York Times: the films, it’s clever, engaging, brisk and, crucially, unpretentious. Amid the current glut of serious horror series (some of them, like “The Strain” and “The Returned,” quite good), the “Ash vs. Evil Dead” pilot stands out for its intelligent esprit.

From the Verge:

I can’t think of a single episode of television that has had this much blood in it) Ash vs. Evil Dead feels cut from the exact same cloth as the films. While it doesn’t fit neatly after any single entry from a continuity perspective (never a strong suit of the franchise), it nonetheless plays as a true mini-sequel: gory, fun, absurd, and outright glorious at times.

From Forbes:

What Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Starz have done with Ash vs. Evil Dead is truly commendable. Through sheer will, they’ve found a way to revitalize a seemingly dead franchise in a respectful and glorious way while also giving a struggling network reason to push for the next wave of its success.

From Deadline:

If you want to inject some grown-up adrenaline into your pre-trick-or-treating on Halloween, check out Ash vs. Evil Dead – I think you’ll like it and be back for more gore.

And here's the bloody, gore-filled trailer. What an awesome Halloween present!